What is the Best Underlayment to Reduce Noise?

Discover the best underlayment for reducing noise in your home - from MuTeMat 2 and SoundMat 3 Plus to Floor Muffler UltraSeal and AeroFoam.

What is the Best Underlayment to Reduce Noise?

Noise can be a major issue in any home, and it's important to find the right underlayment to reduce it. The MuTeMat 2 is a great option for carpets, as it combines a high-mass vinyl layer with a closed-cell absorbent foam layer. The foam will compress slightly under pressure to absorb impact noise. The SoundMat 3 Plus is an unparalleled soundproof mat designed to reduce unwanted impacts and airborne noise, making it ideal for final carpet finishes.

The Floor Muffler UltraSeal is the soundproof base without compromise, despite being thinner than its competitors. It has better sound absorption properties, with a Delta IIC rating of 25. It also includes a vapor barrier. For laminate or engineered floors, the 19 dB Quickstep Unisound Combiflor and the 17 dB Quickstep Silent Walk are great options for isolating drum noise. Vinyl floors are best paired with an acoustic felt, such as the one specifically designed by our product team. This type of material is thinner and less dense, so it relieves much of the “bounce” you'd experience with other materials when using vinyl. Underfloor layers for carpets may claim to offer soundproofing properties, but they don't offer nearly the level offered by specific soundproofing bases and mats.

Radiant floor heating can be an expensive investment, so protect it and protect the floor with a high-quality base layer. If you have a floor above or below your room, it's a good idea to invest in a soundproof base. If you're too concerned about the soundproofing performance of your WPC and need to stick with it, then maybe you should add a base layer. If it bothers you to hear noise from other parts of the house in your bathroom, you may want to invest in a soundproof base. The acoustically insulated floor layer options available from specialized manufacturers represent an important advance over standard products. As one of the most recent laminated underlayers on the market, AeroFoam benefits from its unique foam structure.

It's important to note that when choosing an underlayment for hardwood floors, soundproofing is likely to be a more important factor than with other floor coverings due to the possibility of transmitting impact sound. When investing in an acoustic base or soundproof floor mats, there may be restrictions on the final floor finish you can use. To ensure maximum comfort and protection of the carpet, which is what the base is designed for, it is necessary to slightly reduce noise.

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