Fire Sounds

Relaxing fire sounds in different settings. This album contains 15 tracks of fireplaces, campfires, and bonfires with different background sounds, like rivers, birds, and wind

Animal Sounds

Nature sounds album with 15 tracks of animal sounds, from pets like cats and dogs, and farm animals, to exotic beasts like lions and jaguars, monkeys and bears, plus lots more

Thunder Sounds

Thunderstorm sounds with 15 tracks of thunder and lightning with various other sounds from nature, during bad weather. Thunderstorm sounds are perfect as sleep sounds

Rain Sounds

Rain sounds for sleep and relaxation. This album contains 15 tracks of rain sounds in various settings and strength. From heavy rain to raindrops falling ever so gently

Wind Sounds

Relaxing nature sounds album with 15 tracks of wind sounds. Play this album directly from SoundCloud to enable the loop function, which lets you play your favorite tracks on repeat