Wind blowing in the autumn trees

The calming and cozy nature sound of wind blowing in the autumn trees, rustling the leaves while pushing the trees back and forth. 4K UHD nature sound video recorded on a sunny day with a clear blue sky in the background. Listen to wind sounds while working or studying, to increase your focus and concentration. Wind sounds are also great to keep on in the background while you are trying to fall asleep at night and sleep deeper

So you were trying to work, study or sleep, and you found yourself getting distracted by the sounds of the city (or perhaps your inconsiderate neighbors). You decided to solve this problem by listening to nature sounds. Great idea! Nature sounds are a type of white noise, and they’re a sustainable, healthy and cost-effective way of getting deeper sleep, studying better, and being more productive at work. You can listen to them every day for as long as you want without any ill-effects, as long as you keep the volume reasonable

Nature sound video

Since you can use these for sleeping AND work both, you have reason to listen to them for hours. Wind sounds are a little like the sound of rain. Many people don’t hear them in a city, where wind speeds are often not high unless you live in a hurricane zone. The sound is monotonous, which is a synonym for boring, but it serves its purpose excellently. After a tiring day at work when you’re back home and want to unwind, if you aren’t watching TV or listening to music, wind sounds are a great way to wind down, excuse the pun. You can play them in the background while you read, clean, or spend time with your pet

They’ll relax and rejuvenate you, help you forget about the stresses at work, and put you in the right frame of mind for sleeping. Later, when you’re ready to sleep, you can put on another of your favorite nature sound, variety is a good idea, to help you sleep. Nature sounds are also great because they’re suitable for people of all ages. If your offspring is finding it hard to study, you can play nature sounds in their room. Pregnant women, people with mental disabilities, or people with health issues, they can all listen to them