Wind blowing and a river flowing

Nature video with the sound of wind blowing and a strong river rushing down the rocky landscape, in a national park valley with a green forest surrounding the river on both sides. Natural white noise created by Mother Nature herself, great sleep sound when you are having problems falling asleep at night. If you like listening to static sounds for sleep, then try this mix of strong winds blowing and the sound of a rushing river. This video also makes a great summer nature screensaver for your TV and other monitors, in 4K UHD quality

You know how, in horror movies, the wind howls through a forest? It sounds desolate, lonely, scary. It sounds like the perfect setting for a ghost or murderer. But that’s just a sound effect. In reality, wind sounds are quite relaxing. They sound like rushing wind, bending trees, rustling grass, flying leaves… They sound natural and organic. You know sometimes when a storm’s due to hit, but the rain hasn’t started yet and it’s super windy? Most of us miss the sound because it’s so gentle, but at this time most city-livers can hear the sound of the wind from their home. No need to go to a forest or the middle of nowhere

Sound of nature

Just close your eyes and listen. It’s a rushing, whooshing sound. There’s a reason poets don’t go on about the sound of the wind. If you’re looking for relaxing nature sounds for sleep, though, you can’t go wrong with wind. It’s gentle, with a rising and falling cadence, and it doesn’t have a watery sound so you won’t feel the need to go to the bathroom. If you want to relax and have a deep sleep, you can turn on relaxing wind sounds and slowly focus on it. Think of it as one of those optical illusions where you slowly focus your sight on the center of a picture. Slowly focus on the sound of the wind, paying less and less attention to the sounds around you. Ignore the annoying sounds of traffic coming from the outdoors, of neighbors chattering, the fridge running, of the clock ticking in your room

Relaxing wind sounds are very gentle on the ears, so they’re suitable for people who find water-based sounds too “loud”. Loudness isn’t just about volume; sometimes it’s about the type of sound as well. Hard rock will, for example, sound louder than jazz or classical music. It’s about cadence. Get ready to get a good night’s rest with our large collection of relaxing nature sounds. There are plenty of different sounds to choose from