Sound of wind blowing in the trees

The calming nature sound of wind blowing in the trees on a cloudy summer day. You can use this sound to make a cozy atmosphere at home, which is great to listen to while you are doing some work, studying for school or upcoming exams, or just for taking a little break and calming down. The sound of wind blowing is also a great helper for when you are having problems falling asleep at night, use the wind sounds to block out any other distracting sounds, and you will get a better and deeper un-interrupted sleep

If you’re looking for a way to relax that doesn’t involve anything complicated or harmful in the long run, relaxing nature sounds are an idea you should look into, which also is totally free. These are audio clips of nature sounds, from crashing ocean waves to babbling brooks and howling winds. They serve as white noise to block out disturbances, and they soothe you in the way only nature can. Relaxing wind sounds are especially good in this regard, because wind sounds are super relaxing and they remind you of desolate forests

Nature sounds

The sounds take you away from the city out into the middle of a forest. Some people find them a little eerie, but I think it’s a matter of getting used to the sound. Have you ever heard the wind late at night, when a storm’s raging and the thunder has just stopped? That’s when you really hear the wind, and just the wind. In the clip above, we’ve recorded this sound for you. You can listen to relaxing nature sounds for work, for sleeping, or for meditation, and they are great as falling asleep and sleeping deeper sounds. Yes, you read that right! The sounds can be used for a variety of purposes. They’ll put you in a good place mentally, cheer you up, and help you do whatever it is you want to do

The clip above is from a particularly windy day in Norway. You can hear the wind screaming through trees, and you can almost feel it on your skin. Close your eyes and pretend you’re there, you’re sitting in a sheltered spot out of the wind, but you can still feel some of it as it passes by. You can see leaves fly past as they’re pushed by the mighty wind. You can hear its roar, the relaxing, monotone sound that slowly lulls you to sleep. Let it soothe your mind and take you away on an adventure of your choice. Subscribe on YouTube for new videos