White noise from a waterfall

White noise sound of a small waterfall rushing down the mountainside. White noises are the perfect choice for sleep sounds, due to their static unchanging tunes. When you are listening to white noises, you block out external sounds that may disrupt your sleep, which also lets you get a deeper more and restful sleep during the night. River sounds have the same static rhythm, which also makes them a good choice for sleep sounds as well

This sound clip above is of relaxing waterfall sound, ideal for when you’re working or studying. Both the video and audio were recorded in the gorgeous land of Norway. If you didn’t know that nature can help you work or study better, you do now! Are you curious about how nature can help you in that respect? Awesome, because we’ve done our homework. The sounds firstly cut out background noises, thus eliminating distractions. Next, they are repetitive and soothing, reminding us of nature, so they remove stress, and they help us focus better on our tasks, like working from home, or studying for an exam

Waterfall white noise sound

Sometimes people feel drowsy, but using relaxing nature sounds over time will help you train your mind so you don’t feel drowsy when working. Are waterfall sounds the only ones that can help you? Nope! And waterfall sounds aren’t good just for studying either. You can use them for meditation, sleeping, relaxing, yoga, etc. If you want a bit of ambiance at home while you have lunch, you can play your favorite nature sounds while you eat

If you prefer other relaxing nature sounds, you can try river sounds, ocean sounds, rain sounds, forest sounds, and wind sounds. These are some of the varieties we have over on our website, and like this clip, they’re all recorded in Norway by the owner in person. It’s great playing relaxing nature sounds for meditation because it serves as a sort of guided meditation. It’s always nice to have a little help while meditating, because background noises and other distractions can so easily cut into the experience. So play this clip, turn up the volume so you can hear it properly, and start your meditation. Depending on what you’re using it for, our suggested devices might be different. For example, we recommend wearing headphones if you’re listening to nature sounds for studying or doing some work