Deep sound of a waterfall

Roaring sound of a waterfall flowing down the spring forest on a sunny day, with a blue sky in the background and bare trees on the other side of the river. This waterfall sound is perfect to use as a sleep sound if you are having problems falling asleep at night. Keeping this deep sound of a waterfall on while sleeping will also give you a deeper and more restful sleep, making you well-rested in the morning, ready to start your daily tasks. You can also turn your TV or monitor into a cool nature screensaver, with this 4K waterfall video

Rivers and waterfalls sure are beautiful, aren’t they? Water cascading down a cliff, falling like a sheet. It’s thousands of liters of water, falling so gracefully. On a summer day, you can’t resist the urge to dip your toes into the water, or even to plunge in for a bath. It’s pristine, beautiful, natural, and nice to listen to. We thought so, too. That’s why we went over to record its magnificence in this video clip. The waterfall in the video is located in the wild lands of Norway, where the natural scenery is stunning. We hope this clip will help you relax, whether it’s to sleep, or to work or unwind with the calming sound from the nature

Soothing waterfall nature sound

Did you know you can also use these clips as a sort of guided meditation? Well, you can. You watch the scene, then close your eyes and let yourself float into it. Here, let us help you… Watch the waterfall and imagine what might be beyond it. Does it have caves? Perhaps ferns? What’s on the other shore? Now close your eyes and lie back while listening to the sound. Slowly open your mind’s eyes and try to see the waterfall in front of you. Do you see it? Feel the gentle forest breeze on your skin. Does it feel a little cooler than usual? That’d be because of the waterfall. Feel the spray of fresh water on your skin. Birds and small animals come over for a drink. Do you see them? Do you hear their calls?

Do you see birds bathing on the opposite shore, busily flapping their wings, trying to wash their feathers? They look adorable! Feel the grass beneath your back. It’s springy, soft, cool. It’s moist from the water spray, but a little warm where you’ve been lying on it. Lean over the pool to take a look inside. Do you see fish looking up at you with their curious little expressions? Colorful little fishes going about their day, living in this little slice of heaven out in the middle of nowhere. See what you want to see, go where your mind takes you