Sound of a strong river

The relaxing natural white noise sound of a strong river rushing down the wet green forest in a mossy rock landscape. This is a great sound to listen to if you want to get rid of any other annoying noises coming from the area. Block out human-made sounds with the static sound of a river instead, making it easier to keep your concentration on the task you are performing, like working in front of the PC, or studying for classes and any upcoming exams. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, get used to listening to static white noise sounds, like this river sound, or even waterfall sounds, once you have gotten used to it, you will find it easier to fall asleep, and you will get a deep and more restful sleep

Have you been feeling tired and out of sorts? Has work gotten you down? Whether it’s workplace problems, bad co-workers, a tyrant of a boss, or just too little time, work can be amazingly stressful, and stress is a problem that tends to snowball. It starts out small, as just one snowflake, and as it rolls down the hill it inevitably picks up more snow and becomes a giant snowball capable of knocking a person over. Prevent work-related stress from taking over your life by listening to relaxing nature sounds while you are at work. They’ll prevent distractions, relax you and help you focus on your tasks

Sound of a river flowing

This combination will make sure that you don’t feel tired and stressed, and are able to increase your productivity levels. River sounds are especially great for work because they’re constant and roaring, the same goes for waterfall sounds, as mentioned. The sound doesn’t change and fluctuate much, so you aren’t distracted by the very sound clip that’s supposed to help you focus. If you have a noisy workspace it can be impossible to focus on work. People like to talk at work, and if you ask them to speak quietly they could take it offensively and turn against you. Avoid that problem by simply putting on some white noise in the form of relaxing nature sounds. You’ll be in a lovely mood, it’s scientifically proven, and you’ll get stuff done. Pop in your earplugs and chose your favorite nature sound

If you’re overworked and stressed, it’s a good idea to spend some time quietly listening to the sounds and meditating before you get started. Get to work fifteen minutes early if needed, sit down, play some calming nature sounds, close your eyes and try to clear your mind before you start your workday. Think about the river you’re hearing, and if any other thoughts try to nudge in, whether they’re of work, food, your family, of anything, push them away. This is your time to unwind. Do this for fifteen minutes every day before and after work. It’ll take just half an hour, but it’ll have a huge impact on your mood for the rest of the day. It’s certainly better than drinking or watching TV to relax, and you get more stuff done