River sound for falling asleep

River sound for falling asleep faster at night, and getting a deeper and more restful sleep. River sounds are static, like white noises are, making them perfect to listen to while you are trying to get some sleep. If you are having a problem with traffic, construction, people talking loud outside, etc., you can replace those annoying noises with nature sounds instead, like this sound of a river. Waterfall nature sounds are also great for sleep and blocking out external noises. This 4K UHD video also makes a beautiful nature screensaver for your TV or monitors. Right-click on the player and select loop to make it twice as long

Imagine you’re on a picnic somewhere in the forest on a summer day, while on a vacation. It’s a nice, bright day, the sun is out, the weather is pleasant, and you’re headed to the riverside with a basket in hand. You reach the place, spread out a sheet to sit on, and lie back to observe the river flow past. Close your eyes. Do you hear the river? Do you feel the cool air? Do you feel the sun on your skin? Do you feel the grass under your back? It’s your vacation, and nothing will and can spoil it. We’re never far from stressors. Thoughts of work, of finances, of health problems, seem to seep in no matter where we are

Nature sounds for sleep

People could be sprawled on the beach in a bikini, and they’d be furiously typing, trying to re-schedule a meeting. You could be sitting out on the deck in a forest bungalow and you’d feel a twinge and start worrying about your arthritis. That’s not how you enjoy life. If you want a stress-free, happy life, there are some changes you’ll need to make. Some of them are obvious, some philosophical, but this one is very simple – it’s listening to nature sounds. We all know that meditation and vacations are good for us, but listening to the noises produced by the nature isn’t quite as obvious, but you should really give it a try

Listening to nature sounds, river sounds, wind blowing in the trees, raindrops falling, and ocean waves crashing, for example, can help boost your mood, lower stress, increase focus and offer a handful of other benefits. So you can listen to nature sounds while meditating, for example, or while you do yoga. Creating the right atmosphere is half the battle won. If you’re like me and you like listening to music while you eat, you can replace music with relaxing nature sounds. It’s less distracting, for one, and it’d make you feel you’re sitting in a cabin by the riverside as opposed to in your stuffy dining room. It’s all about ambiance