River in the spring forest sound

The calming sound of a river flowing down a rocky landscape in the spring forest. Nature sounds can be of great help if you are trying to focus on work that has piled up, or studying for an exam, for example, replace the distracting sounds from the TV, radio or music by replacing them with natural static sounds, like this river sound. When you have nature sounds on instead of the other sources mentioned, you will find it easier to focus on your work, and not get sidetracked or lose your attention. Natural white noises are also great as sleep sounds, personally I can’t sleep in silence, so I either use river sounds, waterfall sounds or a desk fan to get that soothing white noise sound to make me fall asleep

In the clip above, you can hear the sound of a river. Thousands of tons of fresh, clean water flowing past you. It’s a lovely warm day outside, and you can feel the sun on your skin and the refreshingly cool spray of water from the river. Let your imagination wander to wherever you want. Let yourself relax and calm down. Relaxing nature sounds will help you calm down and focus on what you’re doing. If you have trouble sleeping at night and find yourself getting lost in thoughts, these white noise sounds are exactly what you need. Nature sounds are loud enough to obstruct thought, without being loud enough to hurt

Soothing river sounds

They block out external noises, so the busy traffic or your neighbor’s noisy dog won’t bother you anymore. The repetitive sound will relax you. If you’re lying in bed with your eyes closed, they’ll help you fall asleep faster too. If you’re sitting in your office trying to work, they’ll help you get more done in less time. Close your eyes and see the river in your mind’s eye. Is it small? Is it large? Can you see fish in it? Can you see birds bathing near the shore, their little heads going under the water and rising back up amidst a spray? Can you see pretty pebbles in the middle, and waves that catch the sunlight? Sit still. Do you see that hedgehog, approaching slowly because it sees you? It stops and takes a drink before running away. Let your imagination create the perfect spot in the wild nature

Nature sounds are a healthy, sustainable way to relax, to improve your productivity and to sleep better. We use words like ‘relaxing’ and ‘productivity’ so often that they’ve lost meaning. They’ve become buzzwords. But there’s no doubting the fact that nature is unbeatable when it comes to relaxing. Humans are after all animals; we are natural beings. Nature calls to something primitive, something basic in us. Witness the power of nature with these relaxing nature sounds. Be sure to subscribe for weekly nature sound videos