River flowing on a winter day

The soothing nature sound of a river flowing in the winter forest, on a grey and cloudy day with small snowflakes passing by. This natural white noise is great to block out other sounds that may distract you from your work, like construction, traffic, and people. Replace all those annoying human-made sounds with a relaxing static river sound that won’t take your attention and focus away with sudden changes. River sounds can be a great sleep aid as well, due to its static tune, fall asleep faster without noticing the sounds from outside, and get a deeper sleep by having the river sounds running in the background

Listen to the sound of a river rushing past. It’s a large river, carrying tons of water through it every second. Imagine yourself sitting close. Are you fishing? Just idly watching the river? Or perhaps lying close by reading a book? It’s your dream, customize it to fit while you relax to the nature sound. River sounds, as well as various other sounds from mother nature, are a great way to relax and work. If you’ve had a couple of unproductive days at work, have a deadline coming up and simply can’t seem to focus on the life of you, this clip might help. Scientists have found proof that relaxing nature sounds do in fact help, they’ve found that people focused better and were generally more productive when listening to the nature

Relaxing nature sounds

They also found, unsurprisingly, that nature sounds helped boost one’s mood. So if you’ve had a fight with a friend or maybe a co-worker at the office, and need to cool your head before continuing with the day, river sounds are your friend. Play the clip, plug in your headphone, and lie back on your couch. The sounds will relax you and take you away. They’ll make you forget about everything for a while, reminding you instead of nature. They’ll fill your thoughts with those of clean, cool water. Close your eyes and listen. Imagine. Can you see the little fish in the river? The almost-perfectly round pebbles near the shore? The spot near the center where the water always has waves that catch the sun and glitter like diamonds? Does the river kick up a refreshing spray?

Are little fish approaching your feet dipped in the river? Do you see birds drinking from the river, or maybe a kingfisher perched close, looking for its lunch? Imagine its dazzling, jewel-like feathers while calming down your body and mind. Relaxing nature sounds are amazing. They’re flexible and have a variety of uses. So whether you’re trying to work, study, meditate, relax, wind down or sleep, they can help. Just switch on a clip of river sounds and feel the change take place. Trust in nature and pick your favorite scene from our nature sounds collection. We got a new nature sound video for you every week