Calming sound of a river

Calming sound of a river flowing in the green summer forest, surrounded by dense vegetation on both sides. Relaxing 4K UHD nature video that you can use as a screensaver for your monitors or TV. Stream this river video to your device, lay back for a while and give your mind a little break from any stress and worries that you might be going through. Make it a daily routine to take like 15 minutes where you clear your mind and just listen to the nature sounds, while letting your mind wander off to a place deep in the forest, far away

River sounds are great for when you want to relax or sleep. Have you ever been to the riverside? Sadly, it’s a pleasure unavailable to city folk, but if you’ve gone on a vacation to the countryside and stayed near a river, you’ll know how amazing an experience it is. The sounds, the view, and the cool breeze are fantastic. Although some cities have a river running through them, I think city rivers are more of a formality than a pleasure. They’re staid little water bodies, often polluted beyond comprehension, and they don’t have the liveliness that rivers out in the countryside do. They don’t sound like a river

Soothing river nature sound

A river in the wild sounds like hundreds of tons of water rushing past you, like a natural force that shapes the land around it, like a large, living thing that supports and nourishes entire ecosystems. I mean, think about it. Rivers harbor not only marine life, but also provide water to plants, animals and birds, a living space for insects, a source of food for many creatures, and essential water for humans. This is why in ancient times, people lived near rivers. Some of the most ancient civilizations were built around a river, because water is the one thing we absolutely need. The calming sound of it is just a nice bonus

So when you hear the calming sound of a river flowing in the forest, you expect to hear all of this, the life, the vigor. A great, big force of nature can’t be a quiet, passive body. In our large collection of river sound clips, you get to hear that. You get to hear the insistent rush of water that shapes river beds, the water that nourishes and provides, the water that is home to many species of fish and other aquatic life. Rivers are incredible things, and listening to them flowing right here on Nature Sound Garden works wonders for your mind. It takes you back to nature and makes you feel safe and happy inside your own bubble