Calming sound of a river in the forest

The relaxing natural white noise of a river rushing down the wet green summer forest. River sounds can be of great help falling asleep faster, and get a deeper and more restful sleep at night. Block out annoying external noises from the outdoors, like traffic and people chattering, and replace them with the static sound of a river flowing instead. This 4K UHD summer nature video also make a nice screensaver for your computer monitors or TV

Overwork gets us all some time or the other. We either desperately need money and so are forced to do it, or we find ourselves making more money and we become greedy. Either way, the end result is the same: burnout, overwork, exhaustion. You swear never to do it again, but it’s hard to remember that when the carrot of increased pay is dangled before your eyes. The key is to prevent overwork from happening. You can’t stop it once it’s in progress. Well, you can, but it’s a lot harder. But if you change certain life philosophies, you’ll avoid overwork easily enough. And of course, relaxing nature sounds will help a ton!

River nature sound

Firstly, list your financial needs and goals. At what point will you be afloat? Mark it down. At what point will you be able to afford savings? Write that down, too. Now write down when you can afford to actually turn down work. Be reasonable, and honest. This note will be seen only by you, so what’s the point of lying? Now, keep these figures in mind at work. When you’re asked to work extra hours or come to work on the weekend, review these numbers before you reply. Do you really need the extra money? Or the extra work?

If you’re feeling burnt out you should do this for the future, but right now you need something that’ll clear up your mind and enable you to work another day. So pick a nice nature sounds clip. The one above of river sounds is a good choice, for example. Now close your eyes as you listen to it. Turn your thoughts away from stressors such as work, finances, and chores. Think instead of the sound. Let your ears guide your thoughts. For fifteen minutes, just sit quietly and let your mind rest. After that slowly open your eyes, and set to work in an organized way. If river sounds don’t work, try something else, like rain sounds