Sound of rain falling on a car

The relaxing nature sound of heavy rain falling on the roof of a car parked by the forest. Rain sounds are perfect to listen to while trying to fall asleep at night, and get a deeper and more restul sleep. If you have problems focusing on your work and studies, try listening to the calming sounds of rain. These static sounds won’t draw your attention away, like music, radio or the TV will. Make a soothing atmosphere in your home by playing this 4K UHD rain nature video, which also works great as a screensaver for your TV or monitors

Relaxing nature sounds are ideal for those who suffer from insomnia, or have a hard time concentrating on work or studies. They block out background noise and relax your mind. However, one lesser-known use of relaxing nature sounds is meditation. You can play relaxing rain sounds while you meditate, and the soothing sound of water hammering on the ground will be the perfect background to help you relax and empty your mind. Meditation is great because not only does it help us unwind and empty our mind, but it reduces tiredness, improves concentration, and boosts our mental capacity and health

Rain nature sounds

Many apps and services have emerged that serve the sole purpose of helping one meditate. While guided meditation is helpful for beginners, relaxing nature sounds are just as good, if not better! Play these sounds on speakers, turn the volume up to a level you’re comfortable with which drowns out most background noise, and then get seated comfortably for meditation. While meditating, the key is to remove distractions and distracting thoughts from your mind. Whenever you sit quietly, your brain pops in with thoughts of work, plans for travel, imaginary conversations, to-do lists, and so much more

While meditating, you need to identify when thoughts are intruding into your mind, and stop them. This is easier said than done! We constantly have thoughts running through our minds, so you don’t realize one’s popped in. You need to block thoughts, and focus your brain on something repetitive and soothing. If you’re playing relaxing rain sounds, you can concentrate on the sound of rain. Imagine you’re sitting indoors while it’s raining outside. Think about the sound, imagine the force of the rain, remove all thoughts other than those of rain. If you don’t have a relaxing nature sounds clip or a device to play them on, you can meditate to your breath instead. Notice your breath as it comes in, and goes out. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation. Notice how it affects your body, how each breath makes you feel. After ten minutes of this, your brain and your body will feel perfectly rested and calm