River flowing and rain falling

The relaxing nature sound combination of a calm river flowing, while rain is pouring down in the wet green forest on a summer day. These nature sounds are the perfect combination to listen to while going to bed at night. Fall asleep faster and get a deeper more restful sleep, while the rain and river sounds are playing in the background in your bedroom. You can also turn your TV or monitor into a relaxing nature screensaver with this 4K UHD video

So we’ve all heard about the various positive benefits gained from meditation. We’ve gone through dozens of articles about how to meditate. We’ve made an appointment with ourselves to meditate, postponed it, been given a lecture, and finally decided to try again. Awesome! Meditating is just one of those things. It’s terribly boring, and doesn’t do much to help matters. The fact that its results are gradual is another big stumbling block. So like most new years’ resolutions, it often gets pushed to the back and assigned to a to-do list of ‘things to be done’, in which it really means ‘when someone makes me do it’

Sound of a river

However, if you’ve decided to give meditation a try, you’re on the right road. After finally getting the hang of it, I can confidently say that meditation offers all that’s advertised on the package. Give yourself a helping hand to get off to a good start, by playing nature sounds for meditation. These will get you in the right mood and get a good ambiance in the room, so you’ll be likelier to get started and give it a fair try. Rain sounds are great for meditation, because they’re repetitive and soothing for the mind. We record our audios in Norway, and the sounds you hear are 100% natural. No weird effects, music, or anything but nature sounds. Play these on a pair of good speakers,and let your body and mind relax

There are many different ways to meditate and you can do whatever works for you, but relaxing is key. Forget about things you have to do, about deadlines and meetings, about tickets and bills… Focus on your surroundings or on your body. You could concentrate on your breath, or take your attention to your foot. This’ll get your thoughts off your to-do list and help your mind get some rest. Rain sounds will help you improve the experience, and they’ll help you get started. If you’ve been postponing meditating, they exactly what you need. If rain sounds don’t work out, try some other sounds, there are plenty to choose from