Rain falling and a river flowing

The sound of rain falling and a river flowing on a wet overcast day in the bare spring forest. These two nature sounds combined creates a cozy atmosphere while you are indoors. Is the weather great outside, but you need to catch up on some work or studies, pull the persiennes and pretend the weather is bad, while your concentration gets a boost from these natural sounds. If you are feeling tired and worn out after a long hard day, try to lay down on the sofa for a while, while clearing your mind of any stress and worrying thoughts, then focus only on the nature sounds you are hearing. Your mind and body will feel more relaxed after a while, and you will get more energy to continue the rest of your day

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of rain pattering on your windowsills? Or perhaps the sound of a torrential rain slamming against your roof? Rain moistens the soil, releases the beautiful scent of petrichor, allows trees to live, and is a massive life force in its own way. It makes ducks and frogs happy, and it makes people run for shelter like little ants. Rain sounds sure are one of my favorite sleep sounds. It’s big, dangerous, beautiful. It has a soothing, wonderful sound, a sound that reminds you of cool weather, of lush greenery, of petrichor, of clean washed trees, of frogs and insects calling in the wild nature

Rain sounds

It washes your home and cleans your car, it shampoos your trees and feeds your plants. Rain is amazing, and so is it’s relaxing sound. It sounds loud, monotonous, relaxing. It’s the perfect sound for sleep, not just for the sound itself, but because of the associated factors such as weather. It makes us feel cozy and sleepy, and it drowns out the noises of the city and leaves us inside our very own comfortable bubble. So we thought, why not capture the sound of rain and make it available to you whenever you want it? We can’t summon rain, but sometimes we need some help falling asleep, or feeling warm and cozy

So we recorded this soothing nature sounds clip for you, with rain sounds that’ll lull you to a night of deep, restful sleep. Rain sounds are great for falling asleep, but sadly some of us don’t have much rain where we live, or it could be a seasonal variation. Some, for instance, get lots of rain in the summer, while others do during the spring. If you’re ever missing its wonderful sound or need mother nature to tuck you in with her pleasant little lullaby, you have our large collection of nature sound clips ready to use, right here on this site