Waterfall sound and birds singing

The sounds of birds singing in the green summer forest, with a waterfall rushing down the mountainside in the background. Relaxing nature sounds that you can listen to while working, studying, doing your meditation routine, or for just calming down your mind while having a little break from your tasks. This 4K UHD video also makes a nice summer nature screensaver for TV and monitors. This video was filmed on a cloudy day in the northern parts of Norway, so the conditions change a bit between dark and too bright sometimes

Have you ever been in a forest? It probably sounds like a silly question, because most people have been to a forest. However, going to a forest is different from being in a forest. The latter entails really being there, being present and absorbing all that’s happening around you. Forests have a distinct smell, a feel, a sound. It’s the combination of sun, wind, shade, greenery, water, and wildlife if you are lucky. It’s a combination of all things natural, and it feels splendid. The next time you go on a hike or to a forest resort, keep your senses open, all of them. Feel the forest, listen to it, breathe it in and observe the beauty of it

Nature sounds from the forest

Speaking of forest sounds, they’re a rather lovely mix of water sounds, bird songs, wind sounds, and insect calls. It sounds organic, quiet, soothing. If you’re sleeping in a log cabin in the forest you might find the sounds scary, but if you could capture the sounds of the day, which sounds completely different, and play them at night, what you’d have is the perfect recipe for quick and peaceful sleep. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, forest sounds for sleep are exactly what you need. Find a clip you like, plug in your earphones or headphones, or just keep the speakers close if earphones will be uncomfortable, and let yourself relax slowly as you escape the sounds of the city and hear the forest instead

You know how we sometimes have bad thoughts while in bed and end up staying half the night? This is the opposite of that – it’ll take you to a good place, a safe place where you’ll feel happy and fulfilled, and you’ll be asleep in no time. The cool water in forest streams, breathtakingly beautiful birds chirping noisily, little insects going about their day, and the sounds of a great big forest, a living thing composed of smaller living things…just existing. Breathing. You can feel it all, and it’s a feeling unlike anything you’ve felt before