Singing birds and a gentle stream

Soothing nature sounds of singing birds and a shallow stream flowing gently in the green summer forest. If you are feeling stressed or tired, worn out from work or studies, give yourself 15 minutes a day where you lay down, close your eyes and empty your mind of thoughts, focus only on the forest sounds while you let your mind create the perfect place in nature, just for you, far away from everything and everyone, there is no traffic, construction or people in this place. This short break from your everyday life can boost your energy and mood, give it a try at least, it only takes 15 mins and won’t cost anything

Have you ever wanted to go on a hike in a forest? Seeing incredible animals, spying on majestic birds and animals in their natural habitat, observing beautiful little insects, spotting interesting tree varieties and taking pickings, and feeling the thrill of a hike over uneven ground… Forests have attracted the fascination of humans for many years. Nature resorts, forest safaris, and other ways to commercialize the experience popped up as a result of this fascination. If you like forests you’ve probably have experienced a few of these, and you’ll know that they don’t quite provide the natural experience you expected

Sounds from the forest

When man tames an area, it can longer be a forest. A nature preserve or sanctuary, sure, perhaps even a wild land with no other buildings nearby, but never truly a forest. To truly experience a forest, you need to go out as a human being, not a tourist. Forests aren’t tourist spots, they’re an ecosystem. But what if you can’t? Maybe you’re too far from one, or too nervous, or don’t have any friends to accompany you on this trip? Not everyone is cheered by the prospect of hiking in a wild forest, after all. We get you. That’s why we’ve traversed through the forests of Norway and recorded the sound, the feel of the place, and brought it to you. These forest sound clips are of course ideal for relaxing, but if you’ve always dreamed of going to the forest these can be your escape from the stressing city life

You know why meditation is so great? Because it allows you to step out of your everyday life, out of yourself if only for a while. You stop your thoughts and focus, instead, on just being. You listen to the world around you, or you shut it all out and listen just to your breath and the calming sounds of nature. Forest sounds can offer a calming experience for your mind. Close your eyes and let yourself slowly drift from a room in the city to a clicking, humming, roaring, shrieking forest. Since you’re the video department, so to speak, it’ll, of course, be everything you want it to be. Let your mind render what the forest looks like