Nature sounds from the summer forest

Calming nature sounds coming from the green summer forest on a sunny day. The sound of a calm river flowing gently, while birds are singing in the forest. This forest nature sound video is great to keep on in the background, while you are sitting in front of your computer, or tablet, doing some studying for school or working from home. Listening to music, the radio or the TV while trying to focus on work makes it hard to keep your concentration, as your mind might suddenly pay attention to the lyrics or what’s being said on the news. Nature sounds will leave your attention where it belongs, as they don’t have any sudden changes or anything that makes you lose your focus. This summer nature video also makes a great screensaver for your monitor, for those moments when you are not doing anything productive in front of it, you can stream the video directly to your Smart TV as well

Forest sounds are a glorious medley of bird song, water sounds, waterfalls crashing down, waves splashing against the shore, the quiet sounds of trees, and the sound of wind rustling leaves. Of the various nature sound clips available, forest sounds are possibly one of the most peaceful. So if you prefer milder sounds that aren’t as repetitive or loud, forest sounds are your best bet. These clips, however, are different from the sounds you’d hear in a forest at night. Usually, when we visit a forest during the day, there’s so much to see and do that we forget to exercise our sense of hearing. We don’t listen to the sound during day. But if you’ve stayed at a forest resort, you’ll remember how the calls of wild animals, the buzz of insects and the creaking of the home keeps you up, fearing the worst

Forest nature sounds

Day time forest sounds are relaxing, tranquil, quiet, peaceful. They’ll make you feel that all’s right with the world, that you’re in a good place and you’re happy with yourself. If you’ve been feeling low lately or if you need something to take your mind off recent events, forest sounds are ideal. The endearing cacophony of bird calls, the pleasant gurgling of water, the tiny sounds of leaves falling, the quiet background noise of the forest breathing, growing, expanding. It’s a sound that makes you think, makes you wonder. You know how when you think about space you feel infinitely small? Forest sounds are somewhat like that

They remind you of how powerful nature is, and how enormous forests are, and it makes you feel small and…happy. The weight of the world doesn’t rest on your shoulders anymore. You’re simply a creature here to live and create an ecological balance. It’s a wonderful feeling. The next time you go to a forest, remember to keep your ears open. Have fun trekking, watch out for wildlife and observe interesting new species while enjoying the beautiful nature, but don’t forget to listen. It might just change how you feel