Ducks quacking on a river

Relaxing nature video of ducks swimming around, quacking and splashing on a river in the summer forest. If you are looking for a nature screensaver, this duck video should be perfect for you. 4K UHD quality, lots of ducks, beautiful nature, and the sounds the ducks are making is calming. Stream this video to your TV directly from YouTube, or play it on your pad or phone screen in full size, sit back and relax, while watching the ducks enjoy a nice summer day. If you are trying to focus on work or studies for an exam, listening to the duck sounds in the background can be more productive than listening to music or the radio

Relaxing nature sounds from the forest

When you’re sweating bullets before exams, wondering which chapters to skip and which ones to memorize, forest sounds come as a welcome relief. Studying is hard. You simply focus when you’re under stress. There’s stress to memorize, to get things right, to score well, to get into a good college and build a career… Students multi-task, helping out in the home, working and studying, and all that pressure, all that overwork can get to you. So, how do listening to forest sounds help you overcome that problem? Relaxing nature sounds help you relax, help you escape the stresses of your life, and they help you focus by blocking out the human-made background noises from the outside, that distracts you

Duck on a river

Living in a big city is wonderful and it brings conveniences such as trains and stores within easy reach, but like everything else it has its downsides. Large cities are noisy. While you do grow used to the noise over time, when you’re unable to focus your mind notices all the little things around you. This includes, among other things, the noise in the neighborhood. For students, background noise can be a curse. It hampers focus, it makes you forget things, it’s annoying, and it’s distracting So, the next time your neighbor decides to have a shouting match with her sister, or the shop owner next door decides to practice playing the trombone, you can switch those noises right off by playing some of our relaxing nature sound clips, right here on on Nature Sound Garden, we got lot’s to choose from

Dig out your headhones or earplugs, give them a good wipe, plug them in and then turn on a relaxing nature sound clip you’re happy with. Forest sounds, for example, are great for studying, but you can also try listening to rain sounds and wind sounds. Don’t spend time procrastinating and ‘testing’ different clips – you know you’re just trying to put off studying. Play these sounds, turn up the volume till you can’t hear the trombone’s annoying honking sound, and then get to it! If you’re happy with your subjects and enjoy them, forest sounds are your friend. They’ll remove the little annoyances that make studying a chore. We have new nature videos weekly for you too. Stay updated on our YouTube channel

Calming nature sounds album with birds