Birds singing in the summer forest

The calming sounds of birds singing in the green forest, on a beautiful summer day by a river. The wind is slightly rustling leaves on the trees, while white clouds are floating behind the mountain in the background. Put this nature sound video on and let it take your mind back to the forest, when the weather was nice and warm, and no traffic or other people to disturb you. Bird sounds are great to listen to while you are trying to keep your focus on work and studies. You can also use this as background sounds while meditating

We love to go to the forest, to stay in nature resorts and see the beauty of nature. The trees, the wildlife, the sounds, the smells… It’s a fantastic experience. However, it’s not possible for us to go on a vacation whenever we’d like. If you could, you’d probably go every month. On forest treks, wildlife sightings, elephant rides, forest safaris, and plenty of other exciting things that nature have to offer. With nature sounds and an internet connection, you can bring the forest to your very own home, and you can do it every day

Forest nature sounds

Forest sounds capture the essence of the forest, and present its beauty before one of your senses. The funny thing is, you can feel the other senses through just the one. Have you ever watched a movie and felt completely drawn in, feeling like you’re a part of the action? Or read a book where you feel like you’re really there, watching the protagonists save the world? This is a little like that. Just like how you can feel ASMR sounds, you can kind of feel forest sounds…and it’s great! If you’ve had a stressful week or have a nerve-racking interview coming up, it can be hard to wind down and relax. Yet relaxing is what you need

Playing a clip of forest sounds will help. Forest sounds for meditation have the sound of the wind, of water flowing through the forest, and of birds and wildlife. You can close your eyes and slowly feel yourself slipping out of your home and into the forest you’re listening to. Concentrate, and you can feel the moss beneath your feet, the sun on your shoulders, the breeze in your face… It’s like magic. You’ll feel your fears, your worries, your stresses drifting away. If you need a vacation, a break, this is exactly what you need. For no cost and without having to leave your office, you can have a mini-vacation and come back feeling relaxed