Birds singing and a calm river flowing

Soothing nature sounds of birds singing in the forest on a sunny summer day, while a calm river is flowing gently towards the ocean. These natural sounds are perfect to listen to while you are trying to focus on your work, studies for school, doing your meditation, or just for chilling out. Listening to nature sounds is an effective, and free, way to help reduce stress and anxiety. All you need is an internet connection and the videos that you find on this site. If you are looking for a beautiful nature video to use as a screensaver, then this 4K UHD summer nature video will do the trick too. Filmed at Kjerringøy in Northern Norway

Sweet little birds twittering in the dense forest, water flowing over pebbles in a small brook, leaves rustling around your feet, insects calling in the bushes… The sounds of the forest are gentle, soothing, organic. If you go camping or know someone who does, you’ll know forest sounds are wonderful to listen to during the day. A camping trip gives you plenty of time to observe, hear, feel. It’s so different from the city that you want to keep returning. The forest, however, has its risks in some areas of the world. From poisonous plants to stinging insects, snakes, spiders, bears, and the ever-present fear of getting lost in the wilderness. And of course, there is the chance that you could trip and hurt yourself

River and bird nature sounds

A forest at night is a completely different thing. It’s still beautiful, but the sounds take on a menacing, eerie tone. The darkness is absolute, enveloping, suffocating. Any sound could be a beast out to get you. So what if we told you we isolated the good elements only, and packaged them into a neat little free package for you? No insects, no wild animals, no twines tripping you up, no boulders balanced precariously over cliffs…just the good stuff. That’s forest sounds for you. The sound of birds singing their hearts out, the frantic buzzing of insects, the gentle rush of water, the quiet sounds of the forest living and breathing

You can listen to these relaxing natural sounds whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like, and it costs nothing. In fact, you can work while you listen, so it doesn’t even cost you your time. You know the best part yet? Forest sounds will actually help you work! They’ll improve your mood and melt away your stresses, and then they’ll fade into the background. As they do that, they’ll take background noises with them, so all you hear is a sort of pleasant silence. It’s excellent for working or studying for school. Forest sounds are the solution you didn’t know you needed, but there are also other sounds to pick from