Waterfall sounds

You don’t have to be a nature-lover to appreciate the magnificence of one of nature’s best gifts to us – the awe-inspiring spectacle of waterfalls! Nothing beats the experience of spending time near a waterfall, especially when you take off your shoes and dip your legs in the brisk freshwater. It never gets old! Indeed, waterfalls are special, magical places that promote unparalleled focus, concentration, and mental clarity, which makes waterfalls the perfect locations for relaxing, unwinding, praying, meditating, and soul-searching, in addition to a slew of other activities. We also got lots of other nature sounds here

If you don’t have any waterfalls near you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them and benefit from them. The next time you go for a stroll in your local park or practice some meditation in your home, put your earbuds in, and listen to the majestic sound of waterfalls roaring. As you relax, focus on your breathing and forget about your worries and causes of stress. Instead, focus on all of the gifts and blessings that nature has endowed you with. As you do, you will be moved by a spirit of joy and appreciation. You’ll also be filled with contentment and acceptance of your place in the world. Sometimes, it’s easier to see what’s wrong in life. It’s easier to see the turmoil and the inequalities, but if you look hard enough, you can surely find much to be thankful for. Waterfalls can change your perspective and outlook on life, and they are simply beautiful to watch as well

Remember, once this life is over, it’s the little things that will have counted most. Please, make time for the beauty of nature we have been blessed with. You were born for it, and nature is a part of you. Nature is in your DNA. That is why people who do not make time for nature often experience a large void or disconnect in their lives. Never forget that you are nature. Nature is not something that is separate from you – it’s inside of you – it’s your essence. By losing your connection with nature, you lose your connection to yourself, to others, and to the world around

Spending time alone in nature, such as near a pristine deep-forest waterfall, will replenish your soul, reconnect you, instill in you a renewed outlook, and it will instill a spirit of gratitude inside of your mind and heart. No matter how hard or unfair your life gets, and no matter how little others appreciate all that you do, life is still a gift! Think of yourself as a battery. Just like a battery needs to be plugged into an electric source for recharging, so too, you need to plug yourself into the force that charges and animates everything, and nature is simply put the best place to do that!

Can the Sound of Waterfalls Help You Breathe Better?

Research has shown that listening to waterfall sounds online can have the same effect as visiting a waterfall in-person. It’s amazing how the mind and body are wired, and this is one of the main reasons that people listen to waterfalls to enhance meditation. Meditation and Yoga are centered around focused breathing. Being near a waterfall in the forest, not only are the smells and sounds enchanting, but the trees release oxygen in higher doses. This means that you have fresher oxygen to breathe and more of it at waterfalls. Amazingly, research has verified that just listening to the sound of a waterfall brings about the same physiological and psychological changes that people experience when in the presence of a real waterfall, albeit temporarily. Are you making use of waterfall sounds, and all the other soothing sounds that nature produces for us?

Waterfall sounds

Listen to Waterfall Sounds for Studying

A lot of people listen to white noise and pink noise for work and study. Did you know that waterfall noise, which falls under the category pink noise, is one of the best naturally produces sounds in the world for study, research, homework, office work, and skilled labor jobs? The results of having more oxygen in your blood is improved and increased blood flow and greater levels of energy. Remember, listening to the sounds of waterfalls has the same effect on the mind and body as being in the presence of a waterfall in real life. Somehow, the mind causes the body to experience the same positive changes and benefits. The next time you need an energy lift or enhanced mental clarity for work, study, prayer, or meditation, put down the Redbull and try waterfall sounds from Nature Sounds TV. Just make sure you tune out the artificial noise around you first

Waterfall Sounds Can Help You Live in the Moment

One of the saddest things that happen to good people is the disconnect from nature and the subsequent disconnect from themselves that occurs from falling into a pattern of routine. Most of us get so caught up in our passions and career pursuits that we never make time for the here and now. To live in the moment, one must be completely present and mindful. This means putting away the smartphone, drowning out the noise of the artificial world, and putting yourself 100% into the moment. We recommend taking ten to twenty minutes each day to find a quiet place where you can pop your headphones on, listen to waterfall noises from Nature Sounds TV, and just focus on breathing, concentrating, and becoming one with the world for a few minutes

Doing this in the morning before you head off to work or school, on your lunch break, or before your evening drive home can relax you and put your mind at ease. By making this activity part of your daily regimen, you will experience better overall wellness, and you’ll be able to better cope with life’s curveballs and anxieties when they come up. Being one with the world and one with the universe will allow you to tap into the full potential of your mind. Waterfall sounds can aid in resetting the ears, replenishing your spirit, and giving you a renewed and improved outlook

Do Waterfalls Make People More Creative?

Whether you are a poet, a painter, a writer, or any other kind of artist, there are few things on earth that can inspire your artistic creativity more than the sounds of a waterfall. You’ll discover that listening to a waterfall roar while you practice your art form will help you to be in a better mood and increase your focus and concentration, which can provide you with a new vantage point or perspective, which then helps you to generate new ideas. Often, people achieve their most creative work around the sights and sounds of a waterfall. The sounds of a waterfall will replenish your mind by helping you to forget all of the things that bother you. Waterfalls drown out the artificial noise of modern life that disconnects us from nature and our true state of being

Can Waterfall Sounds Help You Fall Asleep?

For years, people have been coming to the Internet to find waterfall noises and other water sounds to aid sleep, like rain sounds and the sound of rivers flowing. Not only can the sound of water help you fall asleep, but it can actually help you stay asleep and achieve a deeper sleep if it is played throughout the night or throughout the duration of your sleep. However, there remains a lot of skeptics about this topic. Some people say that it’s all psychological. In other words, people fall asleep to waterfall sounds because they want to. They want to believe that different water sounds can help them to sleep better, and because they are so eager to believe it, they make it their own truth. Therefore, waterfall noises can help you sleep better if you want them to. However, science has something to say about this baseless claim. It turns out there solid scientific reasons why waterfall noises help people get to sleep and stay asleep. It’s not just wishful thinking!  

Waterfall sounds

Common Theories of Why Waterfalls Help People Sleep

As we wrote in the paragraph above, we previously discussed how waterfall sounds gives us enhanced energy and mental clarity and improved focus and concentration while doing our tasks, and this is why waterfall sounds are commonly used at work, during study time, in the office, etc. So how could it be that the sounds of waterfalls can give us an energy boost, but at the same time, they can promote rest, relaxation, and sleep? Before getting into the science of this phenomenon, let’s talk about some of the different theories out there, some of which seem to carry some weight

The Instinctual/Intuitive Connection to Waterfalls

One theory that makes a bit of sense is the theory that psychic memories, instincts, and intuitions are passed down to human beings generation after generation. Since the dawn of mankind, our ancestors sought refuge at places like waterfalls, as well as rivers of course. Waterfalls were sources of life, and they still are. At such locations, our long-gone ancestors were able to find a never-ending supply of clean fresh water, and lands surrounding waterfalls were fertile for planting and hunting. Much like a duckling instinctively knows to jump into the water to get away from larger potential predators, many people believe that intuition is passed to humans generation after generation. Therefore, there is a sort of psychic connection between the sounds of waterfalls and safety, abundance, and tranquility. Humans intuitively know that waterfalls are good places

The Goodness of Waterfalls is Embedded into Our Subconscious Minds

Another popular and common theory amongst researchers as to why the sounds of waterfalls put us to sleep and declutter our minds is that human beings have a subconscious brain that kicks on when we hear waterfall sounds. This subconscious brain, which kind of lives its own life, assures us that we are safe, often overriding the reptilian part of the brain that triggers our fight or flight response. The idea is that we humans identify waterfalls as safe, enchanted, and romantic places because this is how waterfalls are presented to us from childhood onward. When the sounds of waterfalls are listened to, it puts us into a “happy place,” which often cancels out any negative thoughts or feelings that we may be experiencing at the moment, or in general

Waterfalls are Spiritual and or Sacred Places

Another theory that is becoming more and more plausible as humans uncover ancient pyramids all around the world is that there are places on earth that affect local energy fields. For example, this is what we find at megalithic structure sites. Waterfalls are thought to be locations where the energy fields are altered for the better. That is why so many people around the world go to waterfalls for healing. Although there is no scientific proof to back this theory, not everything is provable by science! But nowadays, if you feel sick, you probably should go to a doctor instead of a waterfall, but the majestic sounds that waterfalls makes are still great for other uses

Waterfalls Active the “Threat or Non-Threat” Portions of Our Brains

When we speak about sounds being either threatening or non-threatening, it is important to do some explaining up-front. For example, sounds that we interpret as threats include the obvious ones, such as a sudden hypersonic boom overhead, a blood-curdling shriek for help, or the nearby roar of an unannounced lion, if you happen to be in Africa or a zoo. However, there are less severe artificial sounds that can be perceived as threats as well. These sounds might include the ringing of an alarm clock, the opening of a door, or the honk of a car horn. Although these threat sounds are not perceived as severe threats, such as the first set of sounds, a day-full of these kinds of sounds can turn us into walking, ticking stress bombs ready to explode at any moment!

Raindrops falling, rivers flowing in the forest, and waterfalls are perceived as non-threatening sounds for the human mind. Whereas threat sounds say to your brain, “Alert,” non-threatening sounds say to your brain, “Don’t worry, everything is perfectly fine.” This is why waterfall noises can be listened to for enhanced focus and mental energy and to aid in rest and sleep

YouTube Waterfall Sounds

Since we live in these modern times with electronics all around us, you don’t actually have to go deep into the forest to experience the sound of waterfalls anymore. Now you just need a computer, phone or tablet, as well as an Internet connection, and you are good to go. Here are some waterfall sounds with relaxing 4K UHD nature videos from YouTube to get you started



Waterfall Sounds Album on SoundCloud

Now you can listen to waterfall sounds easily wherever you are, with the help of this waterfall sounds album with 15 tracks of different waterfalls. Play the sounds directly from SoundCloud and you get the option to put them on loop, which is perfect if you are planning to use them as sleep sounds. Check also out thunderstorm sounds and wind sounds, if you are looking for something different