Thunderstorm Sounds

The sound of wind, rain, and thunder should give each one of us cause to pause and a deep respect and appreciation for the vastness and mightiness of the planet we inhabit. Mother Earth uses thunderstorms to nourish the land, replenish our water sources, and to cool us off on a hot summer day. As is true with many ways in which the earth operates, the deadliest, most destructive forces are also those that bring forth an abundance of life. Listening to the sounds of thunderstorms is relaxing and soothing, and we have endless hours of nature sounds on this site

The majestical roar and cracking of loud thunder, complimented by the howling, often screeching sound of wind and pattering rain can be worrisome when in the midst of a violent thunderstorm. Yet, at the same time, listening to the force of thunderstorm sounds provides us with an unparalleled sense of warmth and relaxation, especially when we listen to them to enhance sleep, meditation, or rest. Nature Sounds TV is proud to feature the best unique thunder and lightening sounds online, and all of our videos are real. Why listen to machine-generated nature sounds when you can hear and watch the real thing from our relaxing soundtracks or sound videos

In this post, we have compiled various sources of endless rain and thunderstorm sounds on a loop, making this thunderstorm video the ideal background noise for a good night’s sleep. If you have difficulty getting asleep or staying asleep at night, this sound of thunderstorms nature sound videos can help. Here are a few tips on how to use nature sounds to get the best sleep of your life

5 Tips for Using Thunderstorm Sounds for Relaxation

Let’s face it; the stress that the artificial world puts on us is immense, either permanently, or from time to time. The daily grind shaves years off of our lives, and between traffic, work, and other pressures, it’s enough to rattle even the strongest of us! Listening to nature sounds can help you decompress and feel your best, to protect your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being and to help you get through difficult times. Let’s consider five tips on how to use the sounds that Mother Nature gives us to soothe and relax us when we need it most in our everyday lifes


Tip #1: Clear Your Mind

Although it’s not always possible to get away and stay away from a source of stress, you should be able to take a short break from it in most situations. For example, if you are at stuck at work, and your coworkers are bugging you, or if your boss is being a “you know what,” perhaps you can take a 5 to 15 minute break or even excuse yourself to the bathroom. Here, you can put in your earbuds and play this video while you practice breathing and allow your mind to detoxify itself, flooding it with new, positive energy and positive thoughts. Being in the right state of mind is key


Tip #2: Plan Your Time with Nature Sounds

In any instance, a proactive strategy will always beat a reactive one. Take a few moments to pause and think about your daily activities. You should know yourself better than anyone. You should know what circumstances or what times of day bring you the most stress. For example, if the drive to and or from work is what gets your heart pounding, plan ahead, and save the MP4 version of this video so that you can listen to it while you are driving. Before you start driving, take a few seconds to put yourself into a positive state of mind, start the thunderstorm sounds, relax, accept the fact that you will encounter jerks on the road, and drive under control


Tip #3: Use Nature Sounds to Enhance Your Activities

If you are allowed to listen to headphones at work, you are in luck! When it comes time to study, pray, meditate, relax, decompress, or even sleep, the natural sounds of the world can be more effective and useful than drugs and supplements – at least, this is what some people have attested to. White noises, such as the kinds of artificial noises that many people use for relaxation and sleep, can often have the opposite effect on us that they are intended to have. Pink noises from nature sounds can work better, faster, and longer. You owe it to yourself to try


Tip #4: Use Thunderstorm Sounds in Your Nursery

Many parents have tried different remedies to get their babies to sleep and stay asleep, but many have also been disappointed. Some babies seem as if they cannot sleep without mom or dad in the room with them. Of course, sleepy time is when mom and died have a chance to catch up on a few Zs themselves or get something done that demands attention. Some people have tried blackout shades, nursery rhymes, and white noises to help baby sleep, all to no avail! Try using the relaxing thunderstorm sounds from this site to help your baby feel relaxed in his or her nursery. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results these natural sounds gives you and your offspring


Tip #5: Don’t Knock it Until You Try it

Many people are skeptical of anything that seems too good to be true, and understandably so! They reason, “You mean to tell me that all I have to do is listen to the sound of thunder and rain and it’ll help me or my baby to get sleep? You must be mad!” If this is similar to what you are thinking, please check out countless testimonials from people online who have used nature sounds – including thunder sounds – in exactly this way. Just google “Do thunder sounds help people sleep” and see all the results for yourself. Remember, nature sounds are considered to be pink noises, and artificial sounds, such as electric fans, air conditioners, and TV static, are considered to be white noises. For sleep, meditation, stress reduction, and relaxation, pink sounds are your best option! Again, we encourage you to explore all of our nature sounds videos

Thunderstorm Sounds


What is the sound of a thunderstorm?

Here’s a quick trivia question with no reward for answering correctly: What causes the sound of thunder?

A. The friction between wind and clouds
B. The pressure of the clouds as they release rain
C. Lighting bolts piercing through the atmosphere

If you chose C, you are correct. Lightening is what causes the sound of thunder, which can range from sharp, loud cracks or booms to low, prolonged, vibrating rumbles. It all depends on the distance of the lightning from you and the nature of the lightning that is causing the thunder


Thunderstorm Fact: Can I Hear a Thunderstorm?

Did you know that you can accurately judge the distance of lightening by simply counting the seconds in-between lightning flashes and thunderclaps? It’s true! One second should represent roughly 300 meters (approximately 985 feet) of distance. For example, if you see a lightning flash, and you start counting seconds, the time it takes until you hear the rumble of the thunder should tell you how far away the storm is. If the thunder is instant, you should seek shelter right away


What Does it Mean by Heavy Thunderstorm?

A heavy thunderstorm is characterized by pounding rain, strong whirling winds, and frequent lightning activity. Of course, the strongest thunderstorms in the world produce powerful tornadoes, such as those that are common in the Great Plains states of the United States. These can knock down trees and powerlines, blow off roofs, causes massive flooding, and lead to untold destruction and damage. While it is never fun to be caught in such a powerful thunderstorm, listening to them in the safety of our homes can promote contentment and relaxation

Here at, we have videos of loud, heavy thunderstorms and mild, low-rumbling thunderstorms, whatever you prefer. Feel free to browse our large selection of thunder sounds and other nature sounds videos, such as wind sounds, animal sounds, rain sounds, bird sounds, river sounds, waterfall sounds, ocean sounds, and much, much more. Everything is free too


Why Do Thunderstorms Make Me Feel Sleepy?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much definitive research done into the matter of why thunderstorms and rain sounds make people feel sleepy. Still, there is quite a bit of evidence that drab weather stimulates all of the five body senses, making people feel like it’s time to doze off for a while. Perhaps you have felt the same way during a blizzard or when it’s snowing outside (for those of you who have lived in colder climates). Perhaps you have experienced this for yourself in the past? When you wake up from a good night’s slumber, and it’s raining and thundering outside, you surely have noticed that it becomes very difficult to wake up. When this happens, the only thing you want to do is to stay in your warm and comfortable bed and keep sleeping forever

Likewise, if you have ever been home during the afternoon when it starts raining and thundering, you probably felt relaxed and drifted off to sleep. While sunlight triggers our bodies to wake up and be active, rain triggers our brains and our bodies to fall asleep. Sunlight causes our body to stop producing melatonin, which is the hormone that makes sleep at night. The earthy smell of rain, the sound of the rain pattering, the crackings of thunder; All of these things trigger our senses and cause our bodies to create melatonin, which makes us fall fast asleep faster at night

It has also been suggested that listening to the sound of rain and thunder on your TV or in your headphones has the same exact effect on the brain as listening to a real thunderstorm outside. Isn’t it amazing how the human brain works! When it rains outside, you have probably noticed the undeniable musky odor that the soil produces. During dry periods, plants and grass release oils, and when it rains, the water causes these oils to mix with the soil, creating the distinct rain smell that we all know and love. This is why you can usually smell a thunderstorm long before it arrives

Another unique odor that is associated with rainstorms is ozone. Ozone is a molecule that is comprised of three oxygen atoms. When lightning rips through the air, it creates this molecule, which is noticeable by its chlorine-like smell. Others have said the odor is like bleach. Either way, these distinct odors that are associated with rainstorms cause our brains to release melatonin, which puts us to sleep. Listening to thunderstorms causes the same phenomenon to happen

Thunder and lightning sounds


Sleep Sounds: Thunderstorm Sounds of Nature

Whether you are listening to loud thunderstorm sounds, violent thunderstorm noises, or soft thunderstorm sounds, you will find the noise to be music to your ears. Thunder and rain sounds for sleep and relaxation are popular because they work. Think about the last time you were home during an afternoon thunderstorm. Chances are, it probably put you right to sleep! That’s because the sound of a thunderstorm causes the brain to release melatonin, a chemical that induces sleep

It is also embedded in our DNA to sleep during inclement weather. Since the dawn of civilization, thunderstorms have always been a time for hunkering down, sitting still, and staying inside. This could be another big reason why the sounds of nature are so soothing to all of us. It has been passed down to us through our genetics, telling us to power down and wait it out

Of course, rain and thunder sounds can be used while working, driving, studying, praying, meditating, doing homework, cleaning the house, or any other number of chores and activities. Get all of the best real thunderstorm sounds for sleeping free here at Nature Sounds TV. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel with lots of 4K UHD videos, and feel free to check us out on SoundCloud, where you can find even more thunder sounds and other nature sounds relaxation


Thunderstorm sounds on YouTube

You can find hundreds of thunderstorm videos on YouTube with the relaxing sounds of rain, thunder, and lightning. Below are a couple of different ones that you can play in the background while you are sitting in front of your computer, doing some work or studying for school. If you are looking for nature sounds in other categories, you can check out Nature Sounds TV on YouTube. Here you can watch hundreds of relaxing nature sounds for free, with high quality nature videos




Listen to Thunderstorm sounds on SoundCloud

Here are 15 free nature soundtracks of relaxing thunderstorm sounds, in various settings. Play them directly from our SoundCloud account to enable the loop function, which lets you play the sounds for as long as you want. Perfect if you are using them as sleep sounds, or background sounds while working and studying. Our SoundCloud account also have lots of other nature sounds, in many different categories like animal sounds, rain sounds, and relaxing wind sounds