River sounds

It’s all-too-easy to lose sight of nature’s countless gifts to us. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often distract us from nature and keeps us from enjoying the bountiful natural blessings that are here for our enjoyment. As you will see, research is uncovering many surprising benefits of spending time in nature, and it is even shedding light on the therapeutic value of listening to the sounds of nature. River sounds are some of the most peaceful and harmonious sounds on earth, so if you are looking for nature sounds online, the sounds of rivers are always a good option!  There are more nature sounds here too

Let us unpack some of the most prominent benefits that come from listening to water sounds online. As you will see, you can reap these benefits any time from any location on any device. Nature Sounds TV is proud to bring you an extensive collection of our 100% authentic river sound videos and audio files. We also have a selection of bird sounds, waterfall sounds, ocean sounds, forest sounds, wind sounds, rain sounds, and other nature sounds captured on our hikes

As we go over some of the benefits of listening to rivers and other natural sounds online, we encourage you to apply the information to your life and your situations. Think about how you can apply these principles, and look for opportunities to incorporate the sounds that nature gives us into your daily routine. As you will see, you will feel happier, healthier, more creative, more focused, more concentrated, and you might even sleep better at night! Why river sounds? The sounds of a river are not only natural, but they are also harmonious and melodic, nature’s own music

What Research Tells Us About Listening to Nature Sounds

Researchers have been studying the effects and applications of water in therapy for decades. Hydrotherapy has long been shown to reduce stress, relieve pain, and relax the mind and body. Now, researchers are finding that listening to river sounds and other water sounds have unmistakable benefits on our mental, physical, and emotional health. This area of research is fascinating, and the full range of implications and applications of it is still being figured out

Speaking of “pouring over,” the brain truly is the bottom of the ocean in terms of being one of the least-explored organisms on the earth. For example, science is discovering that listening to the sounds of a river can actually cause the same effects to occur in your brain as it would if you were physically present at a river. This means that, whether you are driving home from work, on your lunch break, or tidying up around the house, you can listen to the sounds of river water and have the same exact psychological effects as you would if you were picnicking beside a forest river

What’s even more impressive is that, when you listen to river sounds in your day-to-day activities, not only does it have an effect on your brain, but your brain also tells your body that you are in or near a river. For example, just as your blood flow would increase due to the elevated oxygen levels next to a river, and just as your heart rate would slow down and your body would fend of neurotoxicity in a river, so too, it will happen by listening to river sounds! This means that listening to a river on your headphones or speakers would have the same effect on your mind and body as if you were outdoors in the wild nature, bathing in a glacier-fed river in a deep-forest valley

River sounds

Where to Find the Best River Sounds

There are some major rivers in the world, and you can watch or listen to these on YouTube! For example, there is the Ganges River, the Nile River, the Columbia River, the Rio Grande, and the mighty Mississippi River. These are some of the most impressive rivers you will find, etching out thousands of miles of snaking waterways through and across entire continents. The eco-systems, the sites, and yes, the sounds of these rivers are truly amazing! However, it is often the smaller rivers that feed into these larger rivers where you’ll find the most secluded, cleanest waters. This is where you can often hear river sounds and the sounds of nature at their best

At Nature Sounds TV, we like to get off the beaten path. We go to smaller rivers and creeks that are often very secluded and almost always accessible by no means other than by foot. Here, we have captured some of the most amazing river videos and sounds! You’ll see and hear the rivers and the forests around them. This includes birds, ducks, and other forest creatures

What are the Benefits of Listening to River Sounds?

Sadly, many of us live busy lives these days – so busy that we don’t have time for the giver of life and all good things – Mother Nature. For the average family, the day consists of waking up early, going to work, taking the kids to football practice, making dinner, cleaning up, bathing, going to bed, waking up, and repeating. This is life for the average family today or some close variant of this. By opening our eyes and ears to the natural beauty that Mother Nature gives us, we can reap the rewards of better overall health, and we can learn to appreciate what we have more

One of the most accessible sources of nature is our rivers, creeks, and streams. Just about everyone in the world has access to these kinds of waterways. Even in urban areas, rivers, creeks, and streams often have wooded and secluded sections that can provide a nice respite from the madness of the artificial world. Still, not everyone is able to get to a river, creek, or stream often enough. Fortunately, you can experience the same benefits by listening to river noises online. Let us carefully consider the top five primary benefits of listening to river sounds and how rivers help the mind and body. As you will discover, there are numerous ways that the river noises, as well as other pink noises can be used. Another popular pink noise amongst people is waterfall sounds

Benefit #1: River Sounds Reduce Stress

There is no secret that river sounds and the sounds of water, in general, are known for reducing stress. This results in improved relaxation and attention. Seemingly countless tests have been conducted showing that people who listen to the sound of rivers while performing work tasks, schoolwork, homework, driving, and a slew of other activities that are known to cause elevated levels of stress, performed their tasks better than those who did not listen to nature sounds

In addition to these general kinds of tests, very scientific tests have also been conducted, showing, again, that listening to river noises reduces stress and anxiety, fostering a happier, healthier state of being. Test subjects have been hooked up to heart rate detectors and other advanced technological equipment that allows researchers to peer inside the mind and body while a person is performing tasks and listening to water sounds. The physiological effects of listening to water sounds, such as those from a river, calm the mind and body and promote mental clarity. It seems that it’s easier for us to concentrate, you with reduced stress levels, so enhanced focus, mental clarity, and concentration are yet additional benefits of listening to the sounds of water

Benefit #2: River Sounds Help us to Concentrate

Indeed, as if feeling lower levels of stress and anxiety isn’t enough, listening to the sounds of rivers also enhances our focus. This is why so many people listen to nature sounds while they are studying for school, researching something, or working on their computers. When it’s not possible to escape a hectic or noisy environment, you can tune out the world around you with nature sounds. The sound of water flowing has a powerful way of drowning out the other artificial noises that we can’t avoid, such as laughter, talking, television sets, the radio, and other unavoidable noises that can be a distraction to us. Since the sound of a trickling river can relax us and help us to tune out the world around us, it makes it easier for us to concentrate on our tasks at hand

River sounds

Benefit #3: River Sounds Promote Greater Creativity

Many artists go to great lengths to do their work in inspiring environments. This is why you often see poets writing poetry on the beach. This is why many artists practice painting in front of a mountain or a waterfall. Of course, you don’t have to be an artist to benefit from enhanced creativity, as all of us use creativity in some form. Whether you are a writer, an entrepreneur, a person with health issues, a person with perplexing problems, or just an ordinary guy or gal, some of our best ideas come from spending time in the most peaceful and awe-inspiring places

Listening to the flowing water of a river can change your mind, give you a fresh perspective, and help you to solve a problem that is perplexing you. Water sounds can bring out the creative genius in you. If you find yourself feeling stumped or blocked from having mental clarity regarding a specific issue, trying meditating over it with the sound of river babbling in the background


Benefit #4: River Sounds Foster a Positive Outlook

Perhaps one of the best benefits of listening to natural river sounds is that they can give you a more positive attitude and outlook on life, which can make a world of difference for yourself and those who are closest to you! Running the rat race, making ends meet, and chasing the dream often have an adverse effect on us, making us feel like we are being kicked while we are down. Every day, we see trouble and strife in the world around us, both domestically and abroad

We feel unappreciated for the hard work and sacrifices that we make for others. It doesn’t take long for a negative attitude and outlook to develop, which can spill over into other aspects of our lives and make us miserable all the time. Just like spending time in nature, listening to a river through your headphones or computer speakers calm you down, remind you of the great gifts that earth has given you, and change your perspective from a pessimistic one to an optimistic one

By feeling more grateful and appreciative of the many blessings that you have, you will naturally develop a more positive outlook on life. Of course, you must reconnect with nature before you can identify these blessings to appreciate them. This doesn’t mean that all of your problems will go away or that you will always feel great once you start incorporating river sounds and other nature sounds into your day-to-day life. Of course that’s not true, but taking 15 or 20 minutes a day to meditate with river sounds and reflect on all that is good is a great way to keep a positive outlook. This is how you can take a proactive approach to maintain a positive, healthy attitude and outlook

Benefit #5: River Noises is Best for Sleeping

One of the best-known benefits of listening to the sounds of water is enhanced sleep. Listening to a flowing river or the roar of a waterfall while reading a book is as powerful as Ambien or any other sleeping pill! The sound of a flowing river puts our minds at ease, allowing us to slow down those rushing thoughts and worries that often keep us from falling asleep in the first place. Also, sleeping with a river sounds soundtrack or video on loop will ensure that you get to sleep and stay asleep all night long! Individuals who fall asleep to the sound of water in the background often report a better recollection of dreams and a feeling of being well-rested the following morning

River Sounds on YouTube

Below are some of the river nature sound videos from Nature Sounds TV’s YouTube channel. These are just a few of the many landscape videos we have there, you can also check them out at the Nature Sounds TV main page, along with lots of other nature sounds from different composers




River Sounds Album on SoundCloud

Wherever you are in the world, you can now carry relaxing river sounds in your pocket, with the help of your phone and this playlist from our SoundCloud account. 15 tracks of river sounds to use as sleep, work, study and meditation sounds. Play them directly from the SoundCloud website, and you can put them to loop for as long as you want, which is perfect if you use them as sleep sounds. If you want something else than river sounds, check out rain sounds and animal sounds