Ocean Sounds

Nature Sounds TV record ocean sounds, river sounds, waterfall sounds, rain sounds, and other nature sounds with landscape videos, for our listeners’ pleasure and convenience. Today, more and more people are discovering the benefits of listening to nature in all aspects of day-to-day existence. Whether you are working at home, at work at the office, driving in the car, or going for a long walk, the sounds of nature can benefit your mental, emotional, and physical health substantially. This isn’t a baseless claim, either. As you will see, science proves beyond a doubt that ocean noises and other nature sounds have vast benefits. What’s even more interesting is that each type of sound that nature gives us has different effects on the brain and kind be used for different purposes. For example, bird sounds promote mental sharpness and enhanced focus, rain sounds promote sleep and relaxation, and ocean sounds promote inner peace and creativity

Of course, all nature sounds are relaxing and can be used to aid sleep and rest, but how you use nature sounds depends on your needs and goals, as they serve different purposes. Nature Sounds TV is happy to bring the best of nature to you, wherever you are. A lot of our followers and visitors are individuals who live in urban areas, have busy lives, and don’t have time to be in nature as much as they would like to. Since most of us can’t live on the beach or go for morning walks on the beach every day, the next best thing is listening to relaxing ocean sounds online. To be clear; a lot of other websites are using machine-generated ocean noises and nature sounds. Research has shown that these do not have the same effect as the authentic nature sounds you find outdoors

Why are Ocean Waves so Relaxing?

The ocean beaches of the world are magical places! The sound of ocean waves crashing against the shoreline on a windy day, the ebbing and flowing of the tides, the warm sand between your toes; it all works together to create a relaxing, spiritual experience for both the body and the mind. Everything from the vastness of the ocean to the untold power of the ocean’s waves and the taste of the sweet ocean air; it makes us feel alive and relaxed like nothing else can! The total sensory experience of being on the beach and listen to the waves coming in relaxes our minds and bodies and puts us at peace with ourselves and the world around us, it makes us one with the universe. If ocean sounds are not what you are in the mood for, you can find more nature sounds here

Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, our brains are subjected to a never-ending torrent of information from the artificial world. Listening to ocean sounds, walking on the beach, and being one with the world is like a vacation for our brains. It gives us our brains a much-needed break from the constant bombardment of information from the outside world. Make no mistake; your brain is a muscle, and like any other muscle that you exercise, your brain needs rest. The brain gets rest when we sleep, but it also needs occasional rest while it is awake. Give your brain a much-needed break, even if you can’t go to the beach. Listen to ocean sounds from Nature Sounds TV, YouTube, or music streaming platforms, any time, day or night

Ocean Sounds Enhance Meditation

If you have ever spent time on the beach when the waves have come crashing, you probably know that time flies by the ocean. Hours go by unnoticed. This is because the sights and sounds of the oceans induce a chemical reaction in the brain that is associated with that which occurs during deep prayer and meditation. This is why so many people go to the beach to engage in these activities. They get more out of their meditation, and they have greater spiritual experiences. The sound of ocean waves cleanses the brain and the soul, creating a soft-focus, such as when you practice mindfulness or when you focus on your breath in Yoga, this also makes ocean sounds great as sleep sounds, so try them next time you find it hard to fall asleep when you hit the bed

Because of this natural phenomenon, the brain enters into a different state of awareness. This decreases your levels of stress, heart rate, and brain activity, allowing for enhanced focus, mental clarity, and self-awareness. Spending time at the beach can be very good for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Again, it is unfortunate that most of us do not have adequate time or opportunities to visit the beach. Thankfully, you experience similar results by listening to authentic ocean sounds online, all you need is an internet connection and some speakers

Ocean Noises and Sights Can Make Us Better People

Although this concept might seem overly optimistic and idealistic, this isn’t dreamy or wishful thinking. The restful and contemplative state that we achieve from spending time at the ocean or listening to ocean noises online makes us more conscious and aware of ourselves, the people around us, and how we treat others in our everyday life. The overpowering and awe-inspiring feeling of reverence that comes from spending time at the ocean helps us to think of our role in the universe and that of other individuals. Most of us get caught up in the daily grind and the hustle and bustle of life. This creates a significant disconnect from our true nature and purpose of being. Spending time at the ocean or listening to ocean sounds in the comfort of your own home allows us to tap back into that universal energy that animates everything and connects us all

Ocean nature sounds

Ocean Sites and Sounds Can Inspire Us

Why do you think so many artists, poets, and others spend so much time at the beach? It’s not just because they can, and it’s not because they are beach bums either! The fact is; ocean sounds inspire creativity. Whether you are an artist, a musician, a business owner, or anything else, the water inspires us to be our best creative selves. Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas come to you while you are in the shower? The ocean relaxes our brains and puts us into a may spiritual and woke state of being. This often causes us to think about our work, our relationships, and many other aspects of our lives in a new light. Sometimes, looking at a problem from a new vantage point can make a world of difference! It’s hard to believe that something as simple as connecting with nature could make such a large impact on so many parts of your life, but it can! The key is to have an open mind and to give it a try. It will cost you nothing to give it a shot

Ocean Noises Promote Exercise

There is no doubt that exercising is one of the best ways we have to get the blood flowing through our brains, our veins, our tissues, and our other vital organs, the result of which makes us feel better and reduces stress. Our mood, our bodies, and our brains get a fresh boost every time we exercise. Nichols says that exercise is enhanced when it is done on the beach. The sound of the ocean water puts us into our blue mind, a relaxed state, which apparently promotes blood flow and oxygen into the body and into the brain. Working out at home or at the gym can be highly beneficial. However, when you exercise with ocean sounds in the background, there isn’t any distracting noise around you. Ocean noises drown out the artificial noise of the artificial world

What to Make of this?

We are not trying to insinuate that listening to ocean sounds on your smart TV or smartphone is the same as going to the ocean in real life. Obviously, you will experience the full range of benefits by the ocean. Still, in certain respects, research has demonstrated that you can enjoy many of the same benefits by listening to ocean sounds. Therefore, ocean noises are the next best thing for individuals who can’t get to the beach. You can find a variety of ocean noises and nature sounds right here at Nature Sounds TV, but if you have the chance, take a trip to the shore instead

Do Ocean Sounds Help You Sleep?

There is a lot of confusion about which kinds of sounds foster better, deeper sleep. For example, many people are told that white noise promotes sleep. Therefore, they will search online for things like “white noise sounds for sleep.” While it is true that white noise works for some people, white noise is never as restful as pink noise. Examples of white noise would be something like the hum of an air conditioner, the whoosh of an electric fan, or the static of a television set in the background. However, these artificial noises can actually prevent us from falling into a state of deep REM sleep, which is needed to maintain health and to feel well-rested the next day. Further, the blue light that is emitted from modern television sets and smartphones also has the same effect, it can keep you from getting into a deep, sound sleep that rejuvenates and refreshes you.

Ocean sounds are technically classified as pink noise. Pink noises get their color from the energy that they give off. Examples of pink noises include ocean noises, rain sounds, river sounds, waterfall sounds, etc. Unlike white noise, pink noises foster better, deeper sleep, including REM sleep. If you loop your ocean sounds audio or video, it can help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. That is also why you shouldn’t spend time on the phone when going to bed

Time.com speaks about a study that was done by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience regarding the correspondence of the use of ocean noises and enhanced sleep. This study states that pink noises, such as ocean noises, help adults get to sleep and have a better memory to boot. It also suggests that a deeper, all-around better quality of sleep can be achieved when pink noises are played in the bedroom background, or in your earbuds or headphones. This is great news for individuals who have roommates and can’t play pink noises loud whenever they go to sleep at night

Ocean waves sound

Listening to the Ocean Promotes Better Memory

Time.com also says that the same study that is cited above also shows that playing pink noise during sleep improves the memories of adults. This includes the ability to remember dreams more vividly, and it includes the better memorization of day-to-day information. Said study was conducted on thirteen adults, ages 21-70. How does it work? The effect of memory improvement is achieved by the pink noise’s ability to generate slow-wave sleep. As you see, there are great benefits to listening to ocean noises and other nature sounds, such as wind and rain sounds

What Does Science Say About Nature Sounds?

Science is now validating what we have known for years, that nature sounds and green environments foster relaxation, concentration, awareness, and well-being. These types of environments bring the best out of us. The journal of Scientific Reports has actually used brain scans, heart-rate monitors, and behavioral experiments to establish beyond dispute that there is a connection between the mind, the body, and the natural sounds we find in the outdoors

One particularly interesting study took place two years ago at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School in England. In this particular study, 17 healthy adults were connected to FMRI scans, and at the same time, they were given headphones to listen to natural sounds and man-made or artificial sounds. During each sound sample, the participating subjects were asked to perform some tasks to measure their attention and reaction speed. Heart-rates were monitored as well

The short and skinny of what these researchers discovered, based on the results of these tests, is that people performed much better with natural sounds (such as ocean sounds) than they did with artificial sounds. Physiological and psychological changes were documented, indicating that the subjects experienced increased heart-rates and an inward focus when exposed to artificial sounds. Meanwhile, their heart rates went down during the natural sound samples. Common sense and science are now teaching us that ocean sounds, water sounds, river sounds, rain sounds, waterfall sounds, and the like, are beneficial to us in many ways, so why not make time for nature sounds

Ocean Sounds on YouTube

Here are some calming ocean sounds straight from YouTube to get you started, on your path to a more relaxed state of mind. These sounds work great as focus and concentration boosters for when you are working, studying, or doing some meditation. They are also perfect as sleep sounds, create an ocean-atmosphere in your bedroom with these calming ocean sounds nature videos




Ocean Sounds on SoundCloud

This relaxing ocean sounds album contains 15 tracks of various sounds from the ocean. This playlist is embedded from Nature Sounds TV SoundCloud account, click the link and go play the tracks directly from SoundCloud, you then get the option to put the tracks on loop, which is great if you find something that you want on repeat indefinitely, like for when you are trying to fall asleep. If you are looking for something different, check out fire sounds and rain sounds