Fire Sounds

This post is for nature lovers only! When you need to relax, decompress, relieve stress, focus, or get some much-needed shut-eye, fire sounds from Nature Sounds TV will do the trick every time. In this video, we had been hiking since the early morning. We stopped at a beautiful mountain creek along our path around mid-day and cast our fishing lines. We caught two large cutthroat trout and one mountain whitefish, both of which we roasted over the campfire for dinner – a much-needed protein boost that we needed to continue our trek into the majestic mountains. Other types of nature sounds can be found here

We resumed our climb about an hour later, and within another hour, the sun was already behind the large mountains, so we knew that the onset of evening and darkness was near. It was here, on this ridge, that we cleared out some brush, gathered some sticks and stones, and started a campfire. What you can’t see in this video is that the flowing creek where we caught the fish is just behind us to the right a little bit. We found the perfect location after a long day of hiking – right on time! There were no trees, no rocks, and no risk of anything falling on us as we slept through the night. We had our bear repellant handy, but fortunately, we never had to use it

What we did was capture the beautiful sunset over the picturesque mountain landscape and froze the video frame there to savor the moment, looping the campfire video and audio to play for six hours. The reason we wanted to capture this exact moment and share it with you is that we felt it was magical, and we believe it will also make your heart swell. We had gathered some dry logs and chopped them with my mate’s hatchet. Later, we added those logs to the fire, and boy, did we stay warm throughout the night, while listening to the relaxing sounds of the fire crackling

Enjoy six nonstop hours of crackling campfire sounds in this video, or loop it for 12 hours of endless fire sounds. We hope you will enjoy the visual and the audio here, as what we captured was truly breathtaking! We wish that everyone could get out into nature as much as we do, as this is the way it was supposed to be for all of us. Unfortunately, we live in an artificial system that keeps us running the never-ending rat race, robbing us of the simple things in life that matter most

If you don’t have the time nor the opportunity to venture out into the wilderness and start a campfire of your own, perhaps you can create a bonfire in your backyard, or maybe you have a fireplace inside your home. Fires make life better, especially during stressful times, and especially when it’s cold and or rainy outside. Because is dedicated to bringing you the best nature sounds, you can enjoy endless hours of nature sounds, including the sound of fire, any time

Why Listen to Soothing Fire Sounds?

Almost all of us have treasured memories that involve us being around a fire. Indeed, fire sounds bring back the joyous memories of our youth that often involve camping out with our families, going to bonfire parties in high school, or even curling up with a book and blanket by the fireplace on a cold, wintery day as an adult. Just as the heat of the flames lick your face beside a campfire, listening to the sound of a roaring fire can also make us feel warm, safe, relaxed, and sleepy. is pleased to bring you the best nature sounds for your enjoyment and benefit. Please, take advantage of the gifts that the world has given us. Fire is definitely one of those gifts

Interestingly, fire is one of the most destructive elements of nature. Yet, just as volcanoes, thunderstorms, and other powerful natural disasters ravage the earth, these destructive forces also bring forth life and abundance. For example, without fire, life could not and would not exist as we know it today. This is why fire has been historically symbolic of new beginnings and periods of rebirth. Perhaps more of us could use a little more of those things in our lives!

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to start a fire at home or outdoors. Most of us can’t go camping in the wilderness now or any time soon. Many of us live in the cities and lead busy urban/suburban lives, leaving to little-to-no spare time for us to bond with nature or appreciate the simple things in life that often get forgotten in the daily grind of the lifelong rat race. With, you can now enjoy the warmth of fire noise ambiance any time on any device from any location. Please, enjoy the videos at the bottom of this page that brings you many hours of nonstop fire sounds. Simply loop the video for all-night sleep sounds

Campfire Sounds

Listen to Fireplace and Campfire Sounds Online

Rather than going online and finding machine-generated fire sounds, why not get real and authentic nature sounds from Nature Sounds TV. We constantly capture footage of nature in its purest forms and upload them onto this website, our YouTube channel, and on SoundCloud. Fire noise ambiance isn’t something that everyone gets to enjoy as much as we do, but now, with our fireplace and campfire videos, you can watch or listen to a crackling campfire any time and enjoy the same feelings of warmth and wellness that you would if you were there in-person. You’ll enjoy fire noise ambiance, natural fire sound effects, and crackling fire sounds of nature. Please, follow us and subscribe to all of our platforms for the best nature sounds all the time

Fire is natural. Therefore, the sound of fire is a natural sound. Natural sounds, such as fires, wind, rain, rivers, oceans, etc., are all considered pink noise, and pink noises are ideal for relaxation and sleep for people of all ages. However, fire sounds have more uses than just sleep and relaxation, although these two uses are most common. Let’s take a look at some of the other common uses

Listen to the Sound of Fire when Studying

Whether you are a high school or college student studying for a test, or even if you are a grade-schooler doing homework for math and science classes, listening to the sound of fire will help you to tune out all of the artificial, stress-creating noises of the world around you. This is especially true of people who live in college dormitories or apartments and are surrounded by noise. When escaping the noise isn’t possible, escape with relaxing nature sounds, like fire noise and other natural soothing sounds from Nature Sounds TV. Listening to fire sounds from will help you to decrease your heart rate, enhance your mental alertness, and focus better on what you are learning or thinking about. Give it a try and see for yourself. It’s amazing how the sound of fire can help you drown out the noise, hone your thoughts, and increase your retention levels

Listen to Fire Sounds when Driving

Let’s face it; even the most even-tempered among us tend to get a little road rage now and then. People drive like animals these days, like people who should not be on the road under any circumstances! Still, road rage is very bad for your heart, your passengers, if you have any, and for other people on the road, including other drivers and bystanders,. When you get angry, you are prone to make rash decisions that can cost you and or others your lives or freedom

Taking a proactive approach to controlling your anger with relaxation methods is the key to beating road rage. Try to be aware of the times that get you most frustrated when you are driving. For example, do you tend to get more upset when you are driving to work or from work? You could save the MP4 format of this video and play it when you are driving to help you avoid getting angry in the first place. Before you start driving, take a few deep breaths, and resolve that you will have a good, anger-free ride home listening to fire sounds from Nature Sounds TV, or any other sounds that relaxes your mind. Think good vibes and create good vibes with nature sounds

Crackling fire sound

Listen to the Sound of Fire when Meditate

Are you a spiritual person? If you have a spiritual life, then you probably have a prayer, meditation, or even a yoga routine. Whether you like to pray or meditate at home or alone in nature, try listening to the sounds of a campfire while you do it. We have done it, and we experienced a better connection to the source we seek to plug into by doing so. In other words, fire sounds have aided our prayer and meditation, and we believe it will do the same for you. Listening to fire sounds helps the heart rate decrease and allows us to focus on our thoughts, tuning out the rest of the world, all of the artificial noise, and our daily troubles simultaneously

Do Fire Sounds Help People to Sleep?

Watching or listening to a crackling fire can reduce your blood pressure by as much as 5% according to research done by the University of Alabama. The same study also shows that our love for fire has been passed on to us by our ancestors. Throughout the evolution of humans, the sight and sound of campfires have soothed us. Our love for fire is prehistoric. Without going too much into detail about the historical/genetical implications of humans and how we react to fire sounds, here is the article if you would like to reference it yourself. In this study, 226 adults were asked to watch a basic fireplace video, similar to the one you see at the top of this page. The blood pressure of each adult was taken right before the video was started and again after the video ended

On average, each test subject displayed a full five percent decrease in blood pressure! Further, the longer the participants watched the video of the fire, the more relaxed their minds and bodies became. Interestingly, one group out of the 226 test subjects watched the video with no sound, and they experienced no decrease in blood pressure

These participants were also asked to describe their feelings or experiences while watching the videos, and the overwhelming majority of participants said that they felt more relaxed and focused during and after the fireplace video. The results led the researchers to observe that when listening to and watching fire sounds, or sitting by a fire, all of our five senses are completely absorbed by the experience, which creates a calming of anxiety and helps us to focus our attention better

Listen to Fire Sounds on YouTube

YouTube is a great source for free nature sounds, included fire sounds. By simply going to YouTube and search for fire sounds, you get tons of videos of relaxing fire sounds, like crackling fireplaces, campfires, and bonfires. Turn these videos into relaxing fire screensaver with soothing sounds. If you don’t own a fireplace of your own, you can simply cast the YouTube videos to your TV, put it in full screen, and you got yourself a fireplace, you might not get the warmth, but at least you get the sounds. For more relaxing nature sound videos in other categories, check out our own channel. Check also out bird sounds and ocean sounds for more relaxing nature sounds that you can listen to for free




Listen to Fire Sounds on SoundCloud

Another great place to listen to free fire sounds is SoundCloud. The album below is from our account where we have lots of free nature sound albums in various categories. Play the soundtracks directly from SoundCloud to enable the loop function, which lets you play the soundtracks on repeat for as long as you want. This is great if you are using the fire sounds as sleep sounds, or background sounds while trying to focus on your work and studies