Bird sounds

Why do so many people listen to bird sounds at work, at home, while studying, and while meditating? Actually, there are several reasons why. The most common reason is that bird sounds are relaxing for the mind. For example, listening to the music that birds make in the wild can relax us significantly after a long and stressful day at work or school. Even routine activities like running errands, navigating through city traffic, taking care of household chores, and looking after the kids can leave us feeling depleted and ready to explode! Unfortunately, going into the wild or going birding isn’t always an option when we want to or need to most. That’s why we do it for you. More nature sounds can be found here

Nature Sounds TV is committed to bringing our faithful fans, followers, listeners, watchers, and visitors the very best free nature sounds on the Internet. You can find an endless variety of nature sounds with videos to listen to here on our website, on our YouTube channel, and on SoundCloud. This includes not only bird sounds but also other relaxing sounds from Mother Nature, such as rain sounds, ocean sounds, waterfall sounds, river sounds, forest sounds, and several other sceneries with the most relaxing nature sounds

When is the Best Time to Listen to Bird Sounds?

Any time you have feelings of anger, anxiety, or panic, the sound of a bird’s song can reduce our heart rate, improve our breathing, and put you at ease. This is because human beings typically feel safe and tranquil at the sound of birds. Whether it’s a romantic bird singing, gleeful bird chirping, playful bird banter, or bird roll call whistling, the sounds of birds have a positive effect on your mind and body. Even a crow cawing in the forest can be deeply relaxing, although mice might disagree!

Experts have already established that music can have a powerful effect on our moods and attitudes. Our favorite music can soothe us, lift our spirits, and calm our frayed nerves. Of course, one doesn’t have to wait until he or she is in an irritable state to listen to music to calm down. You can start your day with music, start your work with music, start your drive with music, or start your chores with music. Doing so might help you to avoid becoming aggravated in the first place! Now, research is uncovering some very surprising results about listening to nature sounds, and, in particular, bird sounds. In this article, we take a closer look at how bird sounds can help you

Different studies are validating what we have suspected for a long time – that listening to the sound of birds in their natural environments can enhance your moods, perceptions, and attitudes even more than our favorite soothing music can! Let us take heed to what this information is revealing and make time to incorporate sounds of nature into our daily activities. Doing so can have a huge, positive impact on our state of mind, heart, and overall health. This is especially important for people who don’t have a chance to spend quality time in natural settings!

The sounds of birds can also be played in offices to promote a stress-free environment, and there will be fewer objections due to musical preferences and dislikes. There are already lots of companies using nature sounds in their offices to boost focus and concentration amongst their workers, while also making them calmer and more relaxed.  Of course, this is just a generalization of why we benefit from listening to nature. Let’s get more precise and consider this topic closely

Bird sounds

Bird Sounds for Studying

Studies indicate that one of the main reasons people use the sound of birds as background noise is that bird sounds help people to focus and increase their concentration. This is why many students will play bird noises in the background while they are studying or doing homework. Numerous studies have shown that the sounds of birds can have a relaxing effect on us, much the same as other nature sounds do, but in terms of background noise to foster thinking and mental clarity, listening to bird music is by far the best option

The results of numerous studies have demonstrated that people experience enhanced focus and concentration with bird sounds in the background because birds are nature’s alarm system. When birds are singing, we feel safe, secure, and at ease. It is when the birds stop singing and fly away that alerts us to threats. Scientists believe that there is a subconscious connection with the singing of birds and our comfort and ability to concentrate. Also, the sound of birds singing or tweeting is associated with the fresh start of a new day, which gives us hope, optimism, and a clean slate. By listening to bird sounds online, we can put the stress and troubles of the day behind us and start over, making bird noises perfect for study time, research, homework, and work

Bird Sounds for Sleep & Relaxation

For people who live in urban and suburban environments, the sounds of birds might be the only kind of natural sounds that they are regularly exposed to. For example, if you live in a high-rise apartment building in NYC, the birds that land, perch, and sing on the ledge of your window might be very welcomed! The sounds they make can help you get to sleep and tune out the artificial noise of the world around you. Perhaps you even scatter bird feed to attract them to your window because, aside from a few carefully planted trees, there just isn’t much nature around

Bird sounds, although they are one of the unique nature sounds that promote thinking and concentration, can also induce a deep state of relaxation. As your mind and body relax to the sound of birds singing their songs in the background, you might find yourself dozing off to pleasant thoughts before you know it. You’ll be able to sweep away the stress and commotion of daily life with one of nature’s gifts to us, bird song. If you want to dig deeper into the science behind relaxation and nature sounds, you can see this article from the National Library of Medicine

Bird Sounds for Meditation

As you may or may not know, there are lots of meditation apps in the Google Play and Apple Play stores. These apps have become very popular with spiritual people, Christians, Buddhists, and others who use prayer and or meditation for relaxation, introspection, and the re-aligning of one’s self harmoniously with the world. Still, researchers have found that individuals who listen to bird sounds achieve a higher state of relaxation in mind and body, this also goes for nature sounds

What Kind of Bird Sounds Do We Listen to?

While hiking in the forest, or just being outdoors where there are birds living in the area, you probably have heard bird sounds. But did you know there are many different types of bird sounds, here we take a look at the different types of sounds that birds spew out their beaks

Bird sounds

Bird Song, Bird Singing

When birds make a melodic, musical sound. Bird song is different than chirping. While chirping is often consistent and forthright, it’s not the same as birds singing, which sounds more gleeful and melodic. Bird tweeting or chirping is often done when a male bird is looking for a mate or defending his territory. Bird song occurs when the bird is happy, content, has food, and feels loved

Tweeting, Twittering, Chirping

A non-melodic, non-musical bird sound that consists of short, high sounds, like a whistle. A tweeting bird is a bird that is trying to communicate. This is one of the most harmonious and relaxing bird sounds, and birds can be quite busy, chirping, chirping, and chirping relentlessly! Although this sound is pleasant to us, research has found that morning birds chirping is very territorial and is usually done by male birds. It’s the bird’s way of saying, “Hey, this is my tree branch. Don’t come over here because I’m prepared to defend it.” Of course, this isn’t the only reason that birds chirp. Birds also chirp when they are interested in finding a mate. Birds can tweet any time, often out of the blue. But it’s usually because they are interested in a pretty chicky or they raging with testosterone. I guess this is why the social media site Twitter chose its name

Shriek, Cry

A very loud, piercing sound. Hawks, macaws, and even parrots are known for their distinctive shrieks or cries that often come out of nowhere. These can be extremely loud and jarring, might even sound horrible! Injury and illness are two common causes of bird shrieks, but quite often, there is no explanation for it. Only the bird knows why it is shrieking. Indeed, sometimes, it appears that birds shriek out of pure boredom. However, domesticated birds aren’t the only ones that shriek. Sometimes, in our videos, you may hear an unexpected bird shrieking in the background. Again, we don’t know what is causing this for the bird. We can only hope the best for them!


The unmistakable sound of a crow or raven. Nature Sounds TV has captured dozens of videos with the distinct cawing of crows in the deep forest. As highly intelligent birds, crows are commonly misunderstood, and a negative perception is often assigned to the majestical sounds they make. You see, cawing is the way that crows communicate with other crows. In order to understand what the crow is communicating with its caw, you must identify the tone and frequency of this sound

If you hear a short, low-pitched caw, it’s because the crow has detected unknown birds in the area. This sound is made in an attempt to make themselves appear bigger and more imposing than the other birds. When a crow spots another crow that it is related to, they will make frequent, repetitive greeting cawing sounds, as if saying, “Hey, brother, it’s me.” When a crow has spotted a potential threat in the forest, the crow will alert the other crows of the potential danger. This will sound more like an urgent caw, as if saying, “Everybody lookout. There’s a human down below!” 

Bird Sounds for Free on YouTube

Nowadays you no longer have to take a trip to the forest to experience the soothing sounds of birds singing. As long as you are hooked up to the Internet, you can quickly start playing bird sounds when you want to relax after a long and tiresome day, or to keep on in the background while you are doing some work or studying for school. Here you have some relaxing bird nature sound videos to get you started, with various sounds and different landscapes in 4K UHD quality




Bird Sounds Album on SoundCloud

Keep bird sounds in your pocket at all times, with this bird sounds album from SoundCloud. 15 tracks of birds singing in various settings, with other relaxing nature sounds in the background. Play these tracks directly from SoundCloud and you are able to loop them, which is perfect if you need them to play for hours, or for as long as you need. Check also out our articles about wind sounds and fire sounds, if you are looking for something else