Explore nature sounds

Explore the different nature sounds and how they can be used here. Nature has a big variety of relaxing sounds, from gentle wind blowing and raindrops falling, to roaring waterfalls and intense thunderstorms. These sounds can be played when you are trying to fall asleep at night, by creating your favorite weather ambiance in the bedroom. If there are noises from the outdoors that distracts you when you try to get some sleep, like traffic, sirens, construction, etc, you can block these sounds out by playing static nature sounds, like river and waterfall sounds. If you are trying to concentrate while doing homework, studying for an exam, or working in front of your computer, playing relaxing nature sounds like birds singing, rain sounds, and wind sounds can help keep your concentration as there are no lyrics or words that your brain will focus on. Below you can explore all our sections of nature sounds, and see how they can be used to help you sleep better and feel calmer

Most relaxing sounds from the animal kingdom

Here are the most relaxing animal sounds from the animal kingdom that you can find online. From the majestic sound of a lion roaring, which actually can be quite relaxing, to the sound of whales calling in the ocean. Included are also an animal sounds album from our Sound Cloud account, plus some sound videos from different YouTube accounts

Animal Sounds

Listen to various animal sounds here. These are the most popular animal sounds online


Bird sounds as work and study sounds

Bird sounds are very calming, making them the perfect background sound for work and studies. If you are listening to music, the TV, or the radio while trying to focus, it’s hard to keep it as your mind will pay attention to what’s being said. Replace these distracting sounds with the soothing sounds of birds singing instead, and see your focus improve

Bird sounds

Bird sounds are perfect to listen to while trying to focus on your work or school studies


Create a cozy atmosphere with fire sounds

Fire sounds can be used to make it cozy at home, without having a fireplace of your own. Either just play the sounds of crackling fires in the background, or put on one of these fire videos and turn your TV or monitor into a virtual fireplace, or maybe a campfire by the river. Here you can find lots of relaxing fire sounds with various other background sounds

Fire Sounds

Play these relaxing fire soundtracks or videos to create a cozy atmosphere in your home


Ocean sounds for a calmer body and mind

Ocean sounds can be used for more or less everything, like meditation, sleep sounds, background sounds while working and studying, or to play when you wake up in the morning. Here you can listen to many different ocean sounds, with various other background sounds, like wind and seagulls. The videos makes nice screensavers too

Ocean Sounds

The sound of the ocean waves is perfect for calming down both the body and the mind


Rain sounds for sleep and relaxation

Rain sounds are the most used nature sound for falling asleep at night, and getting a deeper and more restful sleep. What better sound is there than the calming sound of raindrops falling on the window, or the tin roof, while you are laying in your warm and comfortable bed. Here you can listen to a lot of different relaxing rain sounds for free

Rain sounds

Rain sounds are the most popular nature sound amongst people to use as sleep sounds

River sounds are natures own music

River sounds can be used for a variety of reasons. If you have problems falling asleep at night, or wake up easily from external noises, you can drown out these noises with river sounds. You can also use them as static background sounds while focusing on your work or studies, they won’t distract you, as listening to the radio, music with lyrics, or TV will do

River sounds

River sounds can be played in the back to keep your focus while working and studying


Listen to the powerful sounds of thunderstorms

Thunderstorm sounds are one of the most popular nature sounds online, getting most searches on both Google and YouTube. Maybe not so strange, who doesn’t love listening to a good old thunderstorm, while remaining perfectly safe indoors in your own home. Here you can listen to many different variations of thunderstorm sounds in different settings

Thunderstorm Sounds

Thunderstorm sounds in different strengths, settings, and various background sounds


Waterfall sounds and the science behind them

Waterfall sounds are static sounds, quite like rivers, but usually more thunderous and louder. If you are living in a noisy neighborhood and want to block out those annoying external sounds while trying to sleep or focus on your work or studies, waterfall sounds can be great to deal with that. They also make it easier to fall asleep faster during the night

Waterfall Sounds

Waterfall sounds can be the perfect helper for blocking out external noises from outside


Wind sounds are great for sleep and relaxation

Wind sounds are perfect to listen to when you want to relax and make your body and mind feel calmer. If you are having problems falling asleep at night, wind sounds can be of great help as well. Put on the sound of the wind blowing and howling in the background, while you close your eyes clear your mind of any stressful and worrying thoughts you might have

Wind Sounds

The relaxing sounds of wind blowing and howling can help you fall asleep faster at night